Chinese folk house taboos


Chinese folk house taboos

The taboo of sexual intercourse is an ancient taboo. From the totem era to the present day, this taboo always exists.

Because it is directly related to human beings, the reproduction of ethnic groups, and the interest, it has always been recognized by people.

The Chinese are absolutely inferior in terms of sex. Therefore, taboos in this area are difficult to spread and difficult to collect.

Many related customs are also confined to certain communities, or in the very slender range of family, caste systems, etc., and are rarely known to outsiders.


Marriage and sexual intercourse taboos refer to sexual behavior, sexual life.

Marriage is a sexual act and the legalization of sexual life.

In the marriage taboo, all the taboos that belong to both men and women are married. In fact, they all contain the meaning of the sexual relationship between them. Therefore, the marriage taboos mentioned above (including the clan inside and outside, the same surname,Cousin pedigree, long-term and younger generations, differences in grades, etc., and taboos (including marriage age, zodiac, portal and other taboos) have the nature of taboos.

For example, in the marriage customs of the Yi people, the prohibition of the same name and unmarried marriage actually means strictly prohibiting sexual behavior between the same surnames. They think that this is a big rebellion and will anger the ghosts and gods.

If someone violates the crime, the entire village, the entire surname must be punished by ghosts and gods, will encounter drought or disaster.

If there is any disaster, they often look for reasons from here, suspected that there is sexual activity with the same surname.

According to the “A Brief History of the Yi People”, “the drought in the spring of 1957, the West Union Yongguangzhai drinking water is difficult.

The Zhaitou people thought that someone was banned, and they scouted everywhere. One night, they found that Aixiang’s adopted son had a sexual relationship with the same surname. So the headman slammed the wooden drum. Many people immediately held the torch and the long knife ran in the village., while running and chopping livestock (according to their habits, in this case, whoever livestock can be cut, and finally compensated by the banned).

Ai Xiang’s adopted son was scared to escape.

Ai Xiang quickly asked Moba to kill the chickens as ghosts, ask the ghosts and gods to forgive, and compensate those who lost the livestock.

Taboos of visible sexual behavior can be consistent with marriage taboos.

銆€銆€The Li nationality can participate in 鈥渄ismissal鈥? within the scope of allowing intermarriage.

According to Wu Cunhao’s “Chinese Marriage Customs” cloud: “(Li people) are mainly unmarried young people who participate in 鈥榙ismissal’, but women who have not yet married are also participating.

Such a woman’s sexual behavior is generally not condemned by public opinion. The children born to other men are not only not being abused and discriminated against by the husband, but are welcomed.

It is beyond reproach to participate in the “dismissal” with the widow.

However, the object of “dismissal” must be the same as the scope of intermarriage, and it can be carried out within the same blood clan, and those who are of the same blood can not marry or “distract.”

“The scope of the marriage is almost equal to the scope of “disobedience”. Of course, this is not a common law, not all ethnic groups.

However, from the opposite side, those who cannot marry can not be “distracted” but are helpful in understanding the consistency of sexual behavior taboos and marriage taboos.

銆€銆€From the two examples of the above two levels, sexual taboos and marital taboos can be consistent.

Anyone who is taboo and married is also prohibited from having sex.

This is especially true in terms of the ethnic consciousness of marriage.

This is directly related to the totem taboos of the original period.

Because of the taboo of premarital sex, it mainly refers to the sexual behavior taboos of men and women who are allowed to marry before marriage.

It is mainly about the physical and mental aspects of the individual, and generally there is no direct interest in the group.

Of course, starting from the moral trend, this taboo also reflects the intention of the entire population.

Because of this example, we have already talked too much about the “marriage taboo” in the previous section. Here, we will not repeat it.


Extramarital sex is taboo. Most Chinese people are taboo against extramarital sex and think it is extremely unethical.

銆€銆€Broadly speaking, premarital sex is also an example of extramarital sex.

The taboo of premarital sex is that women are more severe.

The old Han people’s “dongfang inspection” and the male suggestion that the bride must be a virgin all reflect the existence of this concept.

For men, although it is also forbidden to have sex before marriage, the old days are actually not very strict.

Especially for the rich children, some places even encourage men to be debauched in their sexual life before marriage.Although this is not ethical, at least this kind of sexual activity is regarded as a pleasure, not a dangerous, terrible thing, so it is not firmly suppressed.

If a ban in the same ethnic group is only for a part of the people, and the other part can be free from this, then it must be socialized, institutionalized, and no longer related to fear and danger.It is taboo from people’s heart.

There are still some mergers in China that do not value men and women before sex, not only taboo, but also public housing, in order to provide convenience.

However, if a sexual relationship occurs, or if you have a child, you will get married, otherwise you will be punished by public opinion or material punishment.

Once married, there can be no more extramarital sexual relationships.

Some ethnic groups have the custom of not falling behind, and the time limit for their extramarital sex taboos is extended to the long-term residence.

This shows that getting married or having a child, or a long-term home is a taboo symbol, a free (not subject to marriage contract) sexual termination.

All ethnic groups and societies with forms of marriage will have taboos for extramarital sex (ie, taboos for extramarital sex).

Sexual violations of this taboo are subject to penalties and punishments, because there is no legal sexual activity without sexual activity.

銆€銆€In a narrow sense, the taboo of extramarital sex refers to the sexual relationship and sexual behavior of a person who has already married and a third party.

This extramarital sex is an illegal sexual act.

It is believed that extramarital sex can bring disaster to oneself or others.

The common saying circulating in the Han nationality: “Gambling near thieves, raping near killing”, “the thief in the casino, the life of Hualiu Lane”, “the past peach blossoms, is the cave”, is the reflection of this idea.

The people also thought that “the evil is headed by the sin.”

If there is an extramarital sexual relationship, it will lead to a round of return, the so-called “prostitute wife and daughter, eat rice and rice.”

In many legends, there are people who are kinky to marry a wife and a woman, and their wives and daughters are being forgotten by others.

This is the self-retribution that falls on the head in meditation.

銆€銆€If you are caught, you can also carry out the real recognition of the public.

The Han people are like this, and so are some other ethnic groups.

According to the “Social Social History Survey”, the cloud: “(Yi) men and women can no longer have sexual relations with a third party after marriage. Otherwise, the two parties will be distorted by the whole village, and they will be punished for a few.

“Kaifeng Folk Customs” also pointed out: “According to the canon of Islam, in addition to legitimate marriage, avoiding the unfair relationship between men and women, once it happens, it will be severely punished and returned to the public.Stubborn, no place to go.

“It can be seen that taboos in extramarital affairs are very strict in many ethnic groups in China.

Health and sexual intercourse taboos and even legal couples’ sexual life, sexual behavior, and many taboos, this is due to health considerations.

It is customary to think that excessive lust can damage the body.

As I mentioned before, people’s understanding of semen is very mysterious, thinking that there is some kind of essence, Yuanshen, a drop of fine water, 10,000 drops of blood, semen is something more precious than blood, so too much sexual intercourse will damageGod’s life is long.

As the saying goes, “color is a scraping steel knife”, “greedy flowers, dissatisfied with thirty” is the meaning.

The age of the intercourse and the strength of the physique are also related to each other. The Taiwanese slang is “stunned to death, not stunned by the dead seven”. It is said that one night of fear of death only meets once, and that one night is not afraid of death.
Who is not afraid of death, so excessive sex between men and women becomes a taboo.

There is also a saying that “two more, three baht, four money, five burning incense, six hundred years”, meaning that it is easier to meet once every 20 years old; one night at 30 years old;At the age of ten, it will be like every five or ten cents, and it will be mixed every five nights. At the age of 50, it will be like the first day, the fifteenth burning incense, once every half a month; at the age of sixty, it will be like the annual new year.That way, you can only do it once a year.

These rules of persuasion and abstinence are certain that there is a certain health and fitness.

In the private sector, it does play the role of forbidden excessive lust. Until now, there are still many professional minds in the society, and those who have great desire for achievement often push for self-improvement by imposing a house.

Even abstinence, abstinence can directly affect the superstitious thoughts of money, food, and material growth. It is vulgar that the prohibition of sexual intercourse can make the income stored, and thus affect other objects and produce similar effects.

銆€銆€There are also such exhortations in the Sutra.

His words: “The 20th year of the human year is vented on the 4th; the 30th year, the 8th day; the 40th year, the 16th day; the 50th, the 21st; the sixthTen, Bi, closed, not to vent.

If the physical strength is still strong, it will be vented in January.

The mortal strength, self-sufficiency and strong people, can not be suppressed.

Long time without venting, to oysters.

If you are over 60 years old, but you can’t hand over in a few days, you can be closed and not vented.

“At other times, although the housework is not too much, it will hurt the body.”For example, when the body is tired and tired, it is taboo.

As the saying goes, “There are people who are sick in the house, and those who live in the house are dead.”

It means that the taboos are left and right before and after the trip.

After going a long way, the house will get sick, and it will be even more dangerous to go after a long trip.

The harm of doing things is also related to people’s emotions.

Generally, the mood is depressed, and when it is angry, it is taboo.

Because of the mood boring, anger is the performance of the liver fire too strong, at this time, the house will do things, will add fuel to the fire, hurt the liver and damage the spleen.

In addition, after being frightened, the emotions are tense and can’t be done.

It is also not advisable to have sex when eating too much or empty belly.

The vulgar thought that after being drunk, the housework would damage the five internal organs, and the housework would hurt the gods on an empty stomach.

Whenever there is a disease, or when the disease has not healed, it is forbidden to have sex. The vulgar person thinks that the demand for sexual behavior is very strong and the conversion is not restrained, and the rickets are the most taboo, although they have been cured, they look very strong, stillIt is necessary to break the desire for more than one year, otherwise, it will be hopeless.

After the sore is acne, if it is not fully recovered, it is not feasible to have sex. Otherwise, the sore is broken and it is unmanageable.

If the eye disease is not healed or healed, it will not be feasible, otherwise the eye will be blind.

If you have a broken bone, you have to take it up for two months.

As the saying goes, “a hundred days of injury and bones” means that it is a hundred days to recover.

Then the housework needs to be added for another 70 days.

Otherwise, the house will die within 100 days, and the house will be disabled after just over a hundred days.

The place where the house is located should not be cold, and the bamboo mat should be avoided.

Due to the cold nature of the bamboo, the offender is prone to chills and will suffer from backache and leg pain in the future.

Taiwanese folks have a ban on white-haired women’s house sex.

The white tiger refers to the female genital without hair.

It is either for the protection of the girl, or for the adult woman’s vulva without hair as an abnormal fierce image, so it is contraindicated.