Just looking at these,Actually Ye Xuan looks,In itself,On the contrary, I didn’t feel it at all,What will these things bring。

But now,Actually it’s so consumed here,It doesn’t help anymore。
“Forget it,Anyway, I already saved it。”
“Now that it’s confirmed,Then solve it directly!”
Ye Xuan finished,The speed starts to increase,Coming to Hong Zhuo quickly。
original,Hong Zhuo can handle。
Although Hong Zhuo looks,Somewhat embarrassed。
But Hong Zhuo felt,If it continues to consume,Ye Xuan may not be able to support it。
But it looks like in Ye Xuan,But he was very indifferent。
“interesting,But these things,It doesn’t seem like that!”
When Ye Xuan was talking here,At this moment, Ye Xuan directly caught Hong Zhuo。
“you,What do you want to do?”
See here,Hong Zhuo frowned。
The more so,Actually, it looks like Hong Zhuo,Such a thing,It should be necessary to deal with it quickly.。
But looking at this scene,Now,Ye Xuan actually shot directly。
Bang,Hong Zhuo fell directly to the ground。
And the people around,Looking in front of you。
After all, now,The speed of all this development,It’s just a surprise。
And looking at it all,The more so,Actually here,For the moment,These things,Ye Xuan came very clearly。