“tomorrow,You have to represent the Ren Group,Go to the Hailong Bay project to inspect the construction site。”
“Nowadays,Take a good rest at home,Recharge your energy,Strive to go tomorrow,Famous overnight!”
Zhang Chunqin Talking Room,All smiles,Thinking about getting rich from my daughter,Be the rich wife,She can’t hide her joy。
“mom,I’m not filming,Be a star。”
“It was a hit,You think too much。”
Ren Yurou helplessly said:“I stayed up last night,I probably understand the construction site,Nowadays,I’m planning to……”
“Wife,You don’t have to do anything today。”
“In my opinion,Best thing to do,Is to clean up。”
Ye Tianzong interrupted。
These words,So that the whole family is stunned。
Ren Dongguo frowned:“You fool,What nonsense?My daughter is so beautiful,What else do you need to pack?”
“People wear horse saddle。”
Ye Tianzong is neither overbearing nor overbearing,Tao:“Yes,My wife,Really beautiful。”
“but,Wear、grade,Needs to be improved。”