“I didn’t mean it,I am anxious to speak,Forget it……”

Shen Ruoxue’s beautiful and delicate face flushed with shame,Quite embarrassed。
“Qin Liang!Is there something wrong with you?!”
Shen Ruoxi turned her face and started shouting at Qin Liang again!
“OK OK!Brother-in-law, he didn’t expect such a situation,Everyone didn’t mean it,do not be angry,Don’t get angry,Don’t forget that our master is sleeping in the bedroom next door。”
Yang Shiyun hurriedly stopped“Eyebrows”Shen Ruoxi。
Qin Liang sighed helplessly!Isn’t this a disaster from heaven?!Who did I provoke?,I was scolded by my wife again in front of everyone,This face,Throw it several times a day!
“Sister, don’t be angry,Anyone will make this kind of mistake,Xiaoxue has been talking to you just now,And also said for so long,It’s me,I also forgot about not wearing clothes。”
Liu Xiaoyun also helped Shen Ruoxi a few words。
“You just want to piss me off, you!”
Although Shen Ruoxi gave Shen Ruoxue another sentence,But the tone has obviously eased,Of course she knew that neither Shen Ruoxue nor Qin Liang did it on purpose,But the key is;Shen Ruoxue is such a big girl,No matter how you dress like this, it’s not proper to be seen by her own brother-in-law.!Moreover,Ling Mofeng is still there!
“Sister i was wrong,I will pay attention next time。”
Shen Ruoxue knows he is wrong,I had to admit to Shen Ruoxi that I was wronged。
“Forget it,I know you didn’t mean it,Girl’s house,Are there any kids?,Always pay attention to your wearing image,Do you know?”
Shen Ruoxi said helplessly。