The dean looked at the rolling lake,The corners of the mouth twitched violently,A fire burns directly in my heart,All my beloved fishing rods were thrown on the ground,Stand up and roar“That bastard fucked!”

“Yo Yo Yo,So old,Still so angry”Qin Kai, stretching out the wind wings, slowly landed in front of the dean,The expression on the face should be too much。
The dean saw Qin Kai stayed for a while,But then anger appeared on the face“Turned out to be you bastard!”
Qin Kai waved his hand“Hey Hey hey,I saw an old friend I haven’t seen for a long time,Why do you curse when you come up?,Lao Lu。I’m not talking about you,Your cultivation state of mind is useless”
Dean’s eyes twitched slightly,Pointing at Qin Kai and speechless“you。。。You startled my fish away,It’s not mine anymore?”
Qin Kai looked at the lake behind him,Chuckle“Isn’t it just a fish?,What’s the big deal,I will accompany you!”Speaking of running, you can catch a fish from the lake,In front of the dean。
The dean is angry with his teeth,I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths,When I open my eyes again,The anger in my eyes has disappeared。
What Qin Kai saw was amazing“sure,Still quite useful”
Dean laughed,Reached out and put the fish in front of you back into the water,Watching the fish swim,The dean lightly looked at Qin Kai who was aside。
“Speak,looking for me”The dean came to the stone table and poured himself a cup of tea,No hurry。
Qin Kai shook his head and smiled,The big thorn sits on the stone seat and drank the tea“Don’t like tea,It’s not delicious!”
Dean stretched out his hand,Several wine jars appeared nearby“These are the good wines I have collected over the years,You just came today,I can solve the fishy”
Qin Kai opened the wine seal,A tangy sign came out,Watching the dean smile“You old boy,Pretending to be serious with me”
Two sitting on the floor,Open loop drink。
After drinking for three rounds, the two of them are all covered with wine stains,Smells of wine,Both drink well,only。。。Not intoxicating,People are drunk。
“I said,You haven’t put it down yet!”Qin Kai murmured。
Dean looks at the sky,Pursed his lips“Ha ha,lay down,how could it be possible,How dare to let it go!”
Letting go,Is a past,It is the most painful thing in this life for both(I will unlock it for you in the future)