Putting aside Sheng San, who is humbly seeking education and nurturing experience,Principal Zhang, who has no experience in raising children, caught up with Lu Feng who had just entered the door and started chatting.,Some industrial substances have increased significantly recently,The diesel used in the practice building is getting harder and harder to buy around,Some small processing points are closed due to profit compression,Fortunately,There is such a big helper as Lufeng,Take a little bit from the shipyard,Shouldn’t be a problem。

Good end,What is the price of diesel?Is it possible that there are still people hoarding materials of this kind of petty economy?Price increase means price increase,You can buy it at any time a while ago,It’s getting harder to buy now,This is a bit troublesome for processing sites that require diesel,Borrowed the light of Principal Zhang,Take the landing line,Individuals who need diesel oil also extend their quota according to market prices。
The price increase of individual materials is not the center of the topic,By talking about the price increase of this small material,Can’t help but talk about the most talked about good news in the stock market in recent days。
Good ears、Topics such as the size of the ban,It’s a little difficult for Fang Yourong to hear,The topic is similar to what was discussed in school,See,Not one step in place,Behind everyone everywhere。
Unable to stop as soon as the topic starts,Talking about it,Of course,It also fully brings the characteristics of its own industry,Silk merchants are still inseparable from the textile industry sector,Landwind still controls the shipping industry,Xu Yi grasps the exit and does not relax,The entire communication industry is distinct,The guys who have been in their thirties discuss it like students in a discussion class,Pretty funny。
Fang Yourong, who snickered out of time, was targeted by everyone who was always sensitive。
“Talk to everyone,Do you have any comments or suggestions??”Someone asks a question。
On the hot discussion just now,Fang Yourong, who has nothing to add, raised his hand to speak:“Sorry,I went to school this year,No personal experience with social economic and trade topics,No motivation to speak,The current elective courses have passed,Still working hard。”
As Xiaofang raised his hand to speak,Sheng San who gave a dry cough is a little ashamed,This kind of unofficial meeting gathering has gone through several sessions,The procedures are correspondingly mature,But this year’s summary is still off topic as always。
The gossip ends here,Enter the text。The two silk merchants who spoke first,With the help of destined friends,Together in the same industry, they finally reached a cooperation intention that exceeded expectations,Seize the opportunity to carry out industrial restructuring,Equipment renovation,The benefits after optimizing the industrial structure and upgrading the industry are obvious,Already ahead of other peers of the same size,of course,All the bonuses promised to scientific researchers are also in place,There are no problems like arrears。In the current market environment,Low-priced printing and dyeing industry will shrink profits again,Currently,They are a bit of Phoenix Nirvana,Next step,They consider strengthening soft power——Brand development。
To do business is to have innovation,Leave innovation,Definitely behind。This is the theoretical prerequisite that has been advocated when the industry is mentioned today。With such an excellent opening,Everyone actively expressed their positive work attitude this year。With the help of such peers,Which is ashamed to shrink?
Rotate in a circle in the order of seats,There is nothing to say about the last land breeze,There are so many peers ready to help,He has no reason to be lazy,Same as everyone here,Positive and good working attitude this year。To the end,Stand up by the desk,He has something to declare:“Don’t fight with me,Next party at my house,The old man in my family has already prepared a generous amount of lucky money,Everyone with nephews and children, please bring them,but,Principal Zhang,You definitely want to bring your two little penguins,otherwise,We are not over。”The threatening Lu Feng is very distressed,Dad looks really old,It’s almost a year since the beginning of the year,Still thinking about his youngest son all day long,Is it plausible??Headmaster Zhang, who was threatened by the side, laughed,His beloved baby is super invincible。
Everyone laughed,The laughter inevitably brings some dissatisfaction with Principal Zhang,The fourth meeting at the beginning of the year seemed to be in sight,then,In order not to embarrass their guardians,Specially wrapped a small red envelope for the little flowers,Unexpected,Since then I have never seen the little flowers who have to go to kindergarten and training class again,This has made these uncles who specially gave little red envelopes a little bit brooding over the past year。
Fang Yourong, the secretary-general of the meeting’s agenda, ignores Lu Feng,He wanted to host the meeting a long time ago,Last time I was slapped by Xu Yi with his prospective brother-in-law’s style and slapped him away to steal the right to host.,this time,Lu Feng actually grabbed the right to host the next show before he even started the topic,Really shameful。
The knowing laughter stopped,Can’t help but face reality。The next game is at Lu Feng’s house?Everyone is silent for a second,Then I have to find a serious topic in the next issue to help set the scene,Stared by the majestic elders,The process is very challenging。
Looking at Lawyer Zheng who has been turning the pen in his hand and there is no movement,Lu Fenggan smiled:“Also very welcome to your young master。”The young man who was about to reach adulthood took the New Year’s money, happy and excited, laughed, and Le He Jin, who broke his mouth, still feels impressed.。Lawyer Zheng, who doesn’t mean that at all, sighed,Hey,Jingtai is so greedy for money,But also very cute。