“it is good,Since you want to repeat the memories from a year ago,Then i promise you,When I break through the fighter,Is the day of the second battle between you and me!”

“it is good,We are settled!”Mu Zhan is full of joy,Quickly agreed,I’m afraid Li Chenfeng will turn back。
Looking at Mu Zhan leaving with joy,Li Chenfeng curled his lips in disdain。
Scolded,Reaching out to stop Yafei’s small waist,Holding Nalan Yanran with the other hand,Shi Shiran walked out of the auction house。
Along the way,Concubine Ya has been looking sad,The battle between Li Chenfeng and Mu Zhan,She is still a little worried。
“how,Keep frowning,It’s hard for us to have time to come and play,People who don’t know thought I was bullying you,Be happy!”
Raised his hand and stroked the other’s eyebrows,Li Chenfeng said softly。
But this kind of frowning eyebrows,It makes Ya Fei give people a different kind of feminine feeling。
“Brother wind,Are you really going to compete with Mu Zhan?After all, he is seventeen years old,And it’s a two-star fighter,Even if it’s your younger brother,There is also a big gap with the opponent’s cultivation base。”
“Ha ha,Concubine Ya, don’t worry。Just fight this waste,As long as we are in the same state,Don’t say he is a two-star fighter,Even Nine Star Fighter I can beat him to the teeth!”
“Hmmm,Beat that gorilla all over the floor looking for teeth,Brother is the best!”Xiao Yanran coaxed and shouted。
“Haha,Yanran still understands brother。Concubine Ya,Don’t think so much,Don’t let a wooden battle disturb our Yaxing!”
Looking at two siblings smiling,Concubine Ya finally let go of her worries,Joined the two,Soon,The girl’s crisp laughter floated over the street。
Chapter nine Advanced Fighter