“wrong,I have a delay,59separated!”

The girls are curiously sticking out their little heads from the balcony,I want to see if the other side has a mass cramp or an alien invaded the earth。
In the studio,But Fan banged the table,It’s like this table has enemies with him。
“Houstonians are absolutely dumbfounded!”
“Single game61Minute!wakaka!!”
Climb on Xu Xuan’s score60+when,Houston just collapsed。
No one can remain calm in this situation,Rao is Harden and stunned,Big eyes and small eyes!
The rookie defeated him almost on his own,Beat Houston!
McHale was dumbfounded too,This rookie guard is tooTMCrazy!
Single game61Minute!!
Is this killing them as pigs??
LeBron can’t cut it at this age60+Bar?
LeBron’s rookie season, the highest points in a single game?
Was pulled20Minute?!
McHale looked ashamed,Like a wilted eggplant。
althoughNBANever judge a hero based on the result of a game,But Xu Xuan’s performance in this game is like a sharp arrow,Pierced his chest!
“Houstonians put on the bench”
“Houstonians gave up the game!”