“Obviously I didn’t prepare today,So choose No first!”

Finished,Wang Yufei clicked。
“The game program is being generated,This operation is estimated to take 18 minutes and 32 seconds,Please do not perform any other operations during this period。”
“All right,The installation package of the game is now running,Because it takes nearly twenty minutes,While waiting,I now introduce another software that works with Xin system,National idol!”
“In fact, this is a software that I have high hopes for,And put this software in the second introduction,Because this software can actually interact with our minimalist programming。”
“So now please ask yourself a question,Do you have an idol?What is your favorite idol in your heart?”
A few meanings?
National idol?
People who are still immersed in the development of games with multiple choice questions are a little confused。
411 Surprise,Idol Baimu!
The turn is very urgent。
From game to idol,too fast,Like playing drift。
The most critical issue is that the previous second in the scourge game company,The next second will start to harm the entertainment industry,Is this suitable?
and many more,Software can also harm the idols of the entertainment industry?