Although all of this is now mature,Still need time,But Mo Xiaosheng believes,This day is not too far away!

But thinking of the Lee Group,I remembered the last time the mysterious doctor came to talk about cooperation with Li Qianhui and broke up,Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t help but feel a little frustrated,What he has in mind is Chinese Medicine,But what Li Qianhui has in mind is group interests,Neither of them is wrong,But their respective responsibilities and obligations,But it caused a huge gap between the two of them。
Although Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t bear it,But Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t accommodate him anyway,If Li Qianhui really wants to cooperate with such a conscience organization like Xuanyimen,Then he will quit without hesitation!
Because it’s about TCM Qingyu,It’s about the righteousness of the doctor!
But so many days,Li Qianhui never contacted him,Mo Xiaosheng guessed,Li Qianjue is mostly inclined to choose the mysterious doctor。
Just when Mo Xiaosheng frowned and worried,Suddenly a smiling voice came from outside the door,Then I saw Li Qianhui walking in with a smile on his face,Body bow,Look pleased,At the same time, Li Qianying, who was stern, followed。
Really mean that Cao Cao arrived!
After Mo Xiaosheng saw Li Qianhui,Can’t help shaking his head and smiling,It seems that Li Qianjue is here for a showdown。
“Ha ha,Niche,Still mad at me?!”
Seeing Mo Xiaosheng did not speak Li Qianhui,The bow is lower,Chongmo Xiaosheng said with a smile on his face,“So what,I was wrong last time,you……Don’t be familiar with my brother,Qianying has already criticized me……”
Mo Xiaosheng was slightly startled,Looked at Li Qianjue’s solitary way,Can’t help but wonder,“Brother Li,what do you mean?You are not cooperating with Xuan Yimen?!”
“I’m cooperating with them!”
Li Qianhui stared at him,Bitterly,“If I knew you would be furious because of them,I won’t see them in the fuck!”
Mo Xiaosheng’s eyes lit up when he heard this,This was a sudden relief,Said,“Why don’t you call me these days?!”
“This……I’m afraid you are angry!”
Li Qianhui smiled and scratched his head,Said guiltily,“I think I was very angry with you last time,I thought you would ignore me again!”
“Haha,Brother Li,What are you talking about,Who do you think of me, Mo Xiaosheng?!”
Mo Xiaosheng laughed at the words,It was the first time that he saw Li Qianjue, who was high above, with such a low eyebrow pleasing to the eye、What a cautious look,I feel so funny。