Zhen Xing’s rhetoric is the same as usual,More needle,“And should I have intended to continue from me?。”

You are so keen!
裴 星 补:“For example,You don’t even use some kindness to come to me.,Let me retreat。”
Why do you kill the warmth?!
The face of Qi Feng Xing has a little laughing.,Touch the cloud,Clear five senses:“Sister,People who have scheduled people should be you like,Next time, I’ve been better next time.。”
Over,She http://www.okyixin.cnis still a star.。
枝 背 背,Completely installed:
“I said you.,I have passed a few tricks under your hand.。You are the birth of the born.,There is you in the demon world.,More than enough。”
Yan Fengxing finally put the wrench back to the original position,Food finger,Turned half a circle on his thumb。He drinks half a cold tea:“It’s been enough today.,Talk about it。Sister is too tired,Go back and rest、Think slowly,I sincerely invite the teacher,A proposal is always effective。”
“If the sister is thinking,A letter to me is。”
He stands,Sweek over the desktop,Lingling falling in the white jade『http://www.shangshangroup.cn color』Petty pastry。Toned,He didn’t say anything.,Reach out,Receive tea with tea.。
Yan Zhi hurriedly followed the station:“That is here,Demon——”
裴 星:“Rest three days。”
“Three days later?”
裴 星 回 回,Eyelashes,Halftane light,More and more quiet:“Outward,Since it’s all like often。”
Yes, there is a very big battle.。
Original negotiation conditions,He also said that the three cities behind the company。

枝 full,There is no use method within a paragraph,Walk three steps in the vast environment。
Halfway,Shanye found。
He followed the branches,Break in the future,Can only be anxiously waiting in the city。A long time,He sits,Hurry and run out,It is a shadow that I saw Yan Zhi.。
“Respected master,Can you have something?!”
The wild has seen her.,嗓 嗓,“If you have something, we can’t live.!”
Yan Zhi http://www.myiran.cn looked at his dry eyes,Silence:“You go to play the game is really。”
Wilder understand,Glory,“I sentence my heart,Only hope that the Lord can return to peace,I am a steady prosperity of my devil。”
The words of the branches were returned.。
枝 下 巴 巴 巴 步 步,Take the master:“Let’s repair a book,Communication to Huhuazong。”