Right,Also is a man,He holds a long knife like a large criminal knife.,Transverse,http://www.hyraxoil.cn Excellent momentum almost wants to come out。

Summer heart,I feel some unsatisfactory,I look at it when I look at it.。
Happen!He feels that all the hearts of your heart seem to be integrated into the painting.。
Internal perception in meditation,I only see a snow-lit knife is like splitting the world.,Give some kind of mystery that does not know unknown,It seems to break everything,Raw everything。
“wake up!”
At this time,A cold drink came in the ear。
Summer fiercely retreat from the kind of mood,It blinds in the eyes。
He can affirm,Just known,It should be the knife of the knife……And this kind of knife can make people learn and understand。
Various thoughts flash in the mind,Turn it now。
He saw a lot of young people.,Shortness of breath,Cold sweat。
But their face,Many people write http://www.zcomputer.cnfull surprises and shock。
“These two engraved pictures are the two Wuwang strongrs of the Academy of Extreme School.,If you have long-term enlightenment,Good growth to your growth。”
Iron’s voice came,Swift,“But you are just just broken through the martial arts.,Not suitable for immediate access,If this time, who can be entered into the Academy of Academy,Similar stone carvings have a lot,If it is eliminated,I will give you the two moments for the three days.。”
When a teenager suddenly comes out of the color,One by one。
Such a expression falls in the iron bear,In the heart, it is gave birth to a touch of mercy.。
I hope that this little guy will not be hit.……Xiaocheng has been thirty years,No one can enter the Academy of Jiwu。
Mixed in the people in the population is a heart。
Wu Wang strong?
Martial arts?
en route,He once carefully explored the air,I don’t feel the breath of the people。
He can’t judge whether the world is the same as the outside world.,But by atmospheric judgment,They are also equivalent to。
certainly,This is just a blurred judgment http://www.oppjo.cn of the surface.。
after all,Since this world has a powerful thing,Very different from the outside world。
Interrogate,Iron bear opened the big iron gate。
Inside the door,It’s a blazing sun shining.。
In the field of view,It is a long-awaited mountain jump.。
Everyone once again sent a debut again.。
Iron bears don’t say,Made of shape,Like the Cheetah is agile。
The juveniles have also accelerated speed,Follow up to the mountain。
About an hour or so,Everyone appeared on a hill。
When everyone is going down,Everything is pumping a cold air。
In the field of view,Is a cross-crossing valley……It can also be said that it is a mountain。
These mountains are obviously people who are excited.。