When are you now?,How can Lin light snow?,Ask the problem of Shen Xuan?

Careful http://www.knayt.cn thinking about it,Shen Xuan nodded:“Be right,She is very pretty,possible,Beautiful than you。”
Shen Xuan feels,By now,He can only tell the truth.。
As for what Lin light snow is thinking,It’s not Shen Xuan to manage.。
And this time,Shen Xuan’s side,Lin Wei Xue, but turned over the white eyes and see Shen Xuan。
“Humph,how is this possible,There are a few girls who have to be beautiful than me.?”
“Quickly accelerate,I have to look at it.,The girl you said,How beautiful。”
This,what’s the situation?
Shen Xuan Dear Looking at the Lin Gangxiao,Zhang Zhangzhu,What do you want to say?。
But now,Shenxuan will,I don’t know,Why should I say?。
Lin Gangxiao’s brain http://www.adorn168.cn circuit,Not the same as others.。
But now,Shen Xuan is not going to tangle this matter.。
Drive first,anyway,Save people and say。
at this time,Tianpeng Real Estate,Lin Zhonghu stood here,It’s proud to look around。
“what happened,People?”
“Hurry out,Otherwise, wait for me to catch,It will not be so polite.。”
Lin Zhonghu was originally planned to be together with Zhao’s family,Negative,Directly give Shen Xuan。
But Lin Zhonghu has not been in the past,I learned that it is Sun Jia.,And the Hall of War,There is a tolerance。
And behind it,Zhao family still has undercover。
Fortunately, Lin Zhonghu has not passed,If he passed,So estimated now,He should also be done directly.?
But here,Although Lin Zhonghu did not think about these things。
See here,Lin Zhonghu smiled:“This kid,He is dead。”
“I am http://www.damingweinasi.cn holding his woman now.,I don’t believe it.,He won’t come over。”
Lin Zhonghu said,Those people around him,I also laughed.。
“Still tiger brother, your means is superb.,Deal with this boy,It is not something that it is not.?”
“That’s right,This Shen Xuan is still too arrogant.,Let’s now,Still to take this time,Let him know,What will be the next place?!”
“Reason,Truthfully,This time,He will die!”
now,Surroundings,I didn’t forget to say it.。
obviously,at this point,Put in front of,It is even more undoubtedly。
Treat these,Lin Zhonghu stands up。
“Of course,I want to deal with him,This kid think,He can also escape?”
at this point,Look in Lin Zhonghu,It is impossible at all.。
so now,You can wait here to wait here.。