The game has been going on for almost half an hour,The score on the field is1:1。

This is somewhat beyond Sun Yonggang’s expectations。
It’s not just to surprise Sun Yonggang,Trust everyone present,Everyone who saw this game,For the current score, it’s a bit unexpected。
The opponent of Shuguang High School in the first round of the national competition is Haihe No. 3 Middle School in Haihe City,The top 16 of the last national competition,In the eighth-finals of 16-in-8,Lost to Chongwen Middle School。
And the final result of Chongwen Middle School in the last national competition was second——They lost to Shuguang High School where Chen Xingyi was in the final.。
in other words,Defeat Shuguang High School of Chongwen Middle School,Now I have a tie with the defeated generals of Chongwen Middle School。
Sun Yonggang watched the game on the court,Frowned。
I don’t know if the pressure for three consecutive national championships is too much,Cause the players of Sugon High School to play a little abnormally。
Chen Xingyi is okay,At present, the only goal of Dawning High School is his score.。
But this didn’t change the situation on the court。
Before this game,Facing Haihe No. 3 Middle School, who stopped at the top 16 in the last national competition,Everyone believes that Suguang High School will be able to win easily,Start their three consecutive championships with a hearty victory。
But I didn’t expect Haihe No. 3 Middle School to perform more tenaciously than everyone expected.……
They not only after Chen Xingyi scored,It didn’t take long to equalize the score quickly,And it has withstood the surging offensive of Suguang High School until now。
Watching the entangled situation on the court,Sun Yonggang closed his eyes back,Head down to light up the phone screen。
《Goal》networkappIn real time,At the same time, it shows the latest situation of each game played at this time。
As long as there is new news,Will automatically refresh once。
He just entered this column,Just see the interface refresh。After the refresh is complete,A new message appeared at the top:
“Dongchuan Middle School1:0People’s Middle School,Goal scorer:Hu Lai(29)”