and also。

Ignored by others,Pickled peppers, which are very important in his eyes, are also difficult to deal with。
Look at the silent pickled peppers,In the first two games22.5Minute、4Assist、7Backboard、2Steal、2Blocked data。
Can you imagine?
In Xu Xuan’s dazzling moment,Pickle pepper can get such perfect data。
Don’t talk about this data as a second master,The master is enough。
But now many people ignore pickled peppers,Subconsciously thinks the Pacers are a single-core team。
Actually,What about single-core Nima!
Obviously the super dual-core driver。
See some speech,Cole laughed angrily。
too difficult,too difficult。
Cole feels bald,Playing James last season did not worry him like this。
It’s been so hard by the Pacers this season。
“Draymond,I need you to stand up。”Cole put his hand on Green’s shoulder,Said carefully。
After a pause,Cole decided to change。
Clay’s defense against Xu Xuan is not good,in contrast,Green, who briefly defended Xu Xuan in the first two games,The effect is good。