“All right。What kind of person is Xiaomo,I know。Besides, didn’t you, Grandpa Yang, Xiaomo went to see it?。”

Wei Xu said,A trace of loss flashed across his face,I feel sorry too。
He loved Mo Xiaosheng a lot,Now I know that Mo Xiaosheng cured Old Yang’s disease,I admire Mo Xiaosheng even more,I can’t wait to snatch Mo Xiaosheng over to be his son-in-law,Even Mo Xiaosheng was married,He doesn’t care at all。
But now Wei Xue and Mo Xiaosheng seem to be quite wrong,The two are not pleasing to each other。
“Humph。”Wei Xue snorted coldly,Got up and left here,Walk to my bedroom。
See Wei Xu,Some helplessly shook his head,Laughed and said to Mo Xiaosheng:“I wanted you to bring Qiao Yiyi over,Let your sister-in-law see you,But I’m afraid she is too busy at work。”
“It’s ok,I call her,She should be off work now。”Mo Xiaosheng immediately took out his cell phone and called Qiao Yiyi。
Wei Xu’s smile stiffened,Scold yourself too much,This is self-defeating,If Qiao Yiyi comes,How do my daughter and Mo Xiaosheng interact?。
Fortunately, Qiao Yiyi is busy discussing medical cases in cooperation with Renai Hospital these days,No time。
At dinner,Yuan Xi kept serving Mo Xiaosheng with vegetables,It made Mo Xiaosheng a little embarrassed。
After eating,Yuan Xi and Wei Xue got up to clean up the dishes,Mo Xiaosheng’s gaze swept over Wei Xue inadvertently,Frown slightly,Siliangjian said to Wei Xu,
“Brother Wei,Is Wei Xue working out recently??”
“Not bad,She has been working out for a while。”Wei Xu heard the words,Not only surprised,After thinking about it, he asked Xiang Mo Xiaosheng,
“What’s wrong with Wei Xue??”
“Because of her long-term incorrect fitness posture,Caused her pelvis to have shifted slightly,This is also the reason why she has not adjusted her monthly affairs recently。”Mo Xiaosheng slowly said,“And her temper is getting bigger,Easy to burn and dry。”
“I suggest she find a professional fitness coach。”