“How to speak?I feel that Gao Biyi is not necessarily the life of innocent.,Even if we defeat,The most is our http://www.anasulife.cn country,Jing Zhawei,Thoughts。”

Xin Duan feels,Gao Boyi said that it is necessary to kill the Weve family,And their people and families,But people who make this kind of thing,How much is there in history??
Lian Shihu didn’t have so good.!
People stone tiger will also kill it.,You can not say like Gao Biyi,Frankness is deactivated to death!
“You do not understand,This is the place where Gao Bao is very powerful.。A lot of things,I explain to you.,Not necessarily。I quietly came out tonight.,Go to the opposite to ask Gao Baoyi,At that time you will have an answer。”
really,For Gao Boyi terms,Wei Xiaoguo is not indifferent。He is just that it looks calm on his face.。
“Convinced,Our firewood is not a massive amount.,Why keep the sergeants take a shower……This is not that it is presented in China.?”
Xin Duanxian is http://www.lanjunboxian.cn a little unwilling to ask,Feel Wei Xiaoxuan, this military order, simple brain。
You can say that boast water is still,Burning water bath……Is this not pulled?!
“then,In order to prevent the roll of the army,I died in a group of carbones in the Yusheng City.(coal),People who know this thing,Many are not here.,You are not my long history at that time.,Naturally, I don’t know this.。”
Wei Xia width said,There is no color on your face.。Because this batch of carbon charcoal is just a urgent desire,In fact, there is not much total。
after all,No one is not expected,Zhou Guo and Qi Guo,Will present a disadvantage!
“Even if so,Multi-point firewood,What we win is not bigger??”
Xin Daoxian is not so forth。
“If you don’t stabilize the military,I am afraid that someone quietly came out in these two days.,Qi Jun!I am http://www.honghuibz.cn not there.,understand。”
Wei Xiaoxuan said helplessly。
He doesn’t know how to fire the whole army to take a bath,Nothing to kill。But because of this,Can prove that you have a lot of reserves,Not like the Gao Boi pushed door!
As a result,Can a large extent stable military heart。Back,Gao Bo Yi is a killing of this time,And still positive,Even if you know what he will do,But there is still no way to change。
Unless Zhou Jun can come to Yushu City。
“get ready,In the past, I asked in the past.,rest assured,He will make you back。”Wei Xia watered softly patted the shoulders of Xinxian’s shoulders:“My old life,Just see how you negotiated this time.。”
Wei Xia wan means a deep longitude。
Xin Dao Constitution,Half a day,I don’t know what to say.,Finally, you can only be sighing。
“Two armies,Attack,This battle,We have already lost。unless……”
Behind,Wei Xiaothiguan did not say,I don’t have to say it.。
Two-story small building in Gao Boyi living in Broken City,Gao Biyi said the thick stack of books to Zheng Minmin’s case:“These letters,You will help me back.,If you don’t understand, ask me.。”
Finish,He sits on the side of the window,玉 璧 城。
“Convinced……So much letter,You don’t look at it.。”Zheng Min asked。
“Silk bamboo,No case,understand?Dry your secretary work.,Forget you is a woman,Don’t think about doing this messy thing。”
Gao Bao said lazily,I don’t know what I am thinking.,Anyway, it is a way。
Zheng Minmin disassembles the first letter,It is written by the old Song of the city.,Curreal is to ask the surroundings of Yucheng,To build some ducks in the Weihe River,What is the specific cover?,How much。
Half a day,Last place,Or money。Means of,How much is the household?,Go to get these。
Zheng Minmin is watching these,What kind of duck,Soul!
She didn’t think about writing a letter in an instant.。However, it can be seen from this letter.,Gao Boyi’s impact,In fact, it is not limited to“Gyeonggong”This official is。