Six strokes thin waist yoga quickly flatten excess belly

Six strokes thin waist yoga quickly flatten excess belly

Swimming circle-like waists always make many MMs very distressed. Here are six simple and easy-to-do thin waist yoga moves to help MMs throw away excess and unnecessary meat.

  1. The MMs first sit on yoga mats, keep the spine bones of the body as vertical as possible, put their hands on the thighs twice, gently rub the thighs, and move the shoulders.

  2. Lean your body forward slowly, try your best to make both hands hold your feet and step on.

If the MMs who are still unable to do this have not been in a hurry, slowly bend down their waists and hold their feet with either hand.

Let your spine and cervical spine stretch in this movement.

  3. Lie flat on the yoga mat, slowly lift your left leg up, close to your own upper body, hold your feet with both hands, and try your best to bring your thigh close to your upper body.

Simple, MMs should try their best not to bend.

  4. Release your left leg, let your left leg stand upright, and stretch your hands on your legs to stretch it up. This action may be difficult for some MMs. It is recommended that you try to hold the part.

  Repeat about 3-4 times to get to Part 5.

  5. Hold your thighs so that your thighs are firmly against your upper body. Take a deep breath at this time and hold your arms.

  6. Exhale, lift your head up, and use your chin to try to make contact with the upper legs.

Bend over and make your waist an arc, back and forth.