So he made an exception and did not read in the study,Instead, he wandered around in the dealer’s compound by himself。The dealer’s bodyguard saw him,Thought he had something,Ran over to ask him immediately,But he smiled and waved to let them leave。

The dealer’s vast house,He built it completely according to Xiaodie’s mother’s ideas,One mountain and one water,One pavilion on the first floor,All the landscapes are conceived by Xiaodie’s mother。
But since that quarrel, he hit Xiaodie’s mother on impulse,Then Xiaodie’s mother angrily left home,He never walked around in this yard again……
Today is the first time in so many years!
Looking at the scenery of the courtyard,Pavilions are still,Falling flowers and flowing water,But the person next to him is no longer there,He started to feel sad and lonely!
I can only live so fast!
Ten years have passed in a blink of an eye……There was another slight footstep behind me,Zhuang Yong did not look back,He knows who came。
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One thousand two hundred and fifty-seven chapters I still love you
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Zhuang Hai is also puzzled!
All these years,He never saw Zhuang Yong in the time he should be reading,But put down his books and wandered in the yard,Is there something else??