As for Xia Chenglong,He was out at dawn,There is also Zanglong inserted at the entrance of the inn disappearing。

Zeng House,Or the Zeng family,It’s a big force with a small number of underworlds,Five years ago,They can be said to rule the underworld,But five years later, Zeng Fenglong, the owner of the Zeng family, disappeared from everyone’s sight.,This has weakened the control of Hades。
Xia Chenglong promised others’ things,Will do it naturally,and so,While the guard at the gate of Zeng’s mansion was still dozing,Black robe has appeared at the door。
The guard yawned,Rubbed his eyes,Vaguely see the dark shadow in my eyes,Patted the arm of the next brother。
“Have,In case。”
Another guard woke up,The look becomes tense when he is sure there is someone,Yelled quickly。
Soon,A circle of bodyguards surrounded Xia Chenglong,Just give an order,Can take it down。
Zeng Yan heard,Out of the yard,There is a fierce light in the corner of the eye:“It’s you?I didn’t find you,I didn’t expect to dare to die?”
“Brother Yi,You killed it?”Xia Chenglong’s voice comes from the king’s trial。
“What,What brother Yi,I don’t know,Comer,Take it for me。”
panic,My hands kept curling up because of a guilty conscience,Misty eyes,These are the best proofs。
Out of the college,He is the God of War that horrifies the sinful。
The bodyguards around heard the order,Can’t wait to rush over,At such a close distance,The effect of cold weapons is far greater than that of hot weapons。
The Jing Tie Xuan Dao is their support。
Electric flint,Everyone only saw the dark purple light around the black robe,After the light disappeared, the man continued to walk towards the door。
As for the bodyguards who usually show off,Has fallen to the ground。