Hao Lin said:“Lao Liu asked me for leave this morning,He said you won’t be with you at noon today。He is going back to his hometown in the country to celebrate his old mother’s birthday。In that case, let me go with Lao Li。”

Wei Keqin said suddenly:“Where did old stone go,Why didn’t I see him this morning?”
Old stone,Is the magistrate of Yangxin County,It turned out to be Wei Keqin’s deputy,Deputy Secretary of the County Party Committee,In the big adjustment of the city and county team the previous year,Jiang Fan transferred Yu Mingguang, the magistrate of Yangxin County, to Fengshun County as the county party committee secretary,Although it is flat,But everyone knows that Yu Mingguang will replace Li Dongsheng in the future,such,The county head of Yangxin County has Shi Yaoguang, the former deputy secretary of the county party committee, as,The county party secretary is Hao Lin, who was transferred from Qingxian County and partnered with Lan Kuangyi,Wei Keqin no longer serves as secretary of the Yangxin County Party Committee。So far,The Yangxin County Party Committee is much younger than before,Also more energetic and innovative,Taking the changes over the past year, we can see that the formation of this team is successful。
First114chapter Tell the truth
Hao Lin said:“Didn’t Lao Shi go to Japan with Mayor Chai for inspection??”
Wei Keqin nodded,The Provincial Department of Agriculture organized a delegation,Go to Japan to investigate agricultural tourism projects,Deputy Mayor Chai Changchun took Lang Zhu to the four counties with agricultural tourism projects。
Peng Changyi walked out of the county committee compound,Deputy Secretary Lao Liu shook hands with them one by one,Say:“Secretary Peng,Mayor Wei,Ding Taichang,I won’t be with you today,As soon as I went to work in the morning, I asked Secretary Hao for leave,Go back to my hometown at noon to celebrate my old mother’s birthday。”
Hao Lin also said:“Yes,He heard that Wei and the reporter are coming this morning,So he came to ask me for leave,Said you can’t accompany the leader to dinner at noon。”
Peng Changyi said after listening:“Then go back quickly,It’s late。”Peng Changyi finished,I saw Minister Li of the Propaganda Department in Wei Keqin’s car,He said to Ding Yi behind:“Xiaoding,Come,Take my car。”
Ding Yi ran over immediately,Got in Peng Changyi’s car。
Haolin come here,Peng Changyi’s car window said:“Secretary Peng,How about I send a driver to drive you?”
Peng Changyi said:“No need to,I drink and drive。”
Hao Lin smiled,Just said:“I will show you the way。”
Peng Changyi followed Hao Lin’s car,Drive out of the compound,Wei Keqin’s car followed him。
Sitting in the car,Peng Changyi saw Ding Yi not speaking,Just asked:“Did I mess up your work??”
Ding Yi smiled,Said:“No,in fact,With my understanding of Yangxin,Just don’t come to the scene,It’s okay to make a film,Old Wei Fei asked me to touch it on the ground,Can’t push it,Here comes。”
Peng Changyi said:“It’s not wrong for Old Wei to make you feel it,reporter,How can you make a TV show that makes the audience empathetic without being on the scene?”