“Do you take me a child??”

枝 话 export,Talented, the voice is dull, and it is powerful.。
Advisor,The rear back of the regulations is placed.,His voice is not better than 枝:“I am afraid that you can adapt。”
Adapt to you to adapt to you。
Branch small channel:“I feel that you are not very proficiency.,So you adapt??”
Consultant is stiff,It’s very clear that you can feel this very clearly.。
Consultant Guide a little bit more than the distance between the two,In order to see the expression of Qingzhi face。Yan Zhi will be wrong,I thought he had to sanction,Even busy。
When I went to two, I’m so in the land.“Beat”stand up,It is the meaning of love,Just fiercely kiss,Freely brugwork。
http://www.fly400.cn “Stop——”
Yan Zhi felt a certain place,I quickly shout,If you shrink, you will get out of your consultant.。
Branch dare to move again。
Advisor is moving,Probably ten 尬,East pull:“Beat the place,Where。”
枝:“You only,Also I have an inch。”
He didn’t say it.。
Pass a moment。
枝 轻声:“I withdraw??”
Advisor is silent,Sound low sink:“Sometimes I feel that I have to catch you.,Of you run far away。”
How is the style of painting??
Is this the legendary sage??
Looking up and see the expression of consultant,枝。
The consultant is in front of the broken:“……But I feel that I can be inerage you.,After all, the taste that is trap is really good.。”
枝 心,Do you know what to know?,Due to this difficulty feeling:“How suddenly said this?”
“Just think。”
The advisory is deeply looking deeply.,Tale but peace,Without the usual『sex』,“If you have anything you have to do one day、Nor place,Let me talk to me,I will go with you.。”
Advisor,I pulled it with my hand.。
Yan Zhi was allocated by him.,Steady heart,The head hits him into his arms.。
In exchange for consultant, two laughs:
枝 心『tide』Bother,I want to show it.,Extend your hand to make a favorite,It is http://www.yqzjyf.cndetermined that it occluses half of his face, slowly swallowing from him.,Quotes:“Blame you,My head『chaos』NS。”