Sperm quality affects baby quality

Sperm quality affects baby quality

Sperm quality is very important for the completion of fertilization. In addition to egg cells, the number, quality, and activity of sperm all play an important role, and sperm quality is particularly important.

  The physical quality of the man, the health and functional status of the reproductive organs, and certain external environmental factors all affect the quality and quantity of sperm.

The man injects 1 volume of semen per row.

5 ml, sperm count reached 20 million, sperm deformity rate of more than 20%, sperm mortality rate of more than 50%, sperm motility is less than 60%, semen does not liquefy within half an hour, etc., can cause infertility.

  Director Shi Changchun, an infertility expert at Beijing Tianlun, pointed out that some infertility patients are often encountered clinically. After the woman’s treatment, the problem has been basically solved, but it is still difficult to become pregnant. The result is often a problem with the man’s semen.

Some factors in vivo and in vitro can cause defects in spermatogenesis, cause infertility in the man, or cause defects in the offspring.

At least 85% of male infertility patients are clinically defective in sperm. The main reasons are: (1) congenital factors, such as impaired insulin pill development or incomplete maturity, and chromosomal abnormalities; (2) endocrine diseases, Such as testicular spermatogenesis dysfunction caused by pituitary, adrenal, thyroid disease; (3) various infectious diseases of the reproductive system that cause infection; (4) radiation exposure; (5) the effects of warmth, such as high-temperature occupations andWear tight pants to increase the temperature of the testicles toward the inguinal canal and increase the temperature of the anesthesia pill. (6) The application of chemical poisoning and spermatogenic drugs, such as Malilan, furans and long-term testiclesHormones, estrogen, progesterone; (7) chronic chronic diseases and nutritional deficiencies; (8) immune oligospermia caused by testicular damage; (9) oligospermia caused by varicocele.

  Animal experiments have confirmed that taking sedatives can cause sperm deformity in male animals and affect the health of offspring.

Therefore, before pregnancy, before you want your child’s sex life, think of the man’s medication may cause congenital defects in the offspring.

Some scholars believe that certain chemical preparations can damage the production and maturation of sperm cells, affect the quality of male semen, and that drugs and their decomposition products are not good for sperm transport.

In addition, men with chronic diseases, such as malnutrition, lack of vitamin A and calcium, phosphorus, etc., serious tobacco and alcohol addiction, benzene, lead, arsenic poisoning, will also affect the quality of sperm.

  Therefore, for the health of the elderly, men should avoid conceiving their wives under the above adverse conditions.

To improve physical fitness, quit smoking and alcoholism, and take drugs carefully, so as to create a comfortable conception to ensure a healthy baby.

  Sperm are vulnerable. From the perspective of sperm biological characteristics, sperm are the end product of male germ cell line development.

During the process of spermatogenesis, formation and deformation, due to cytoplasmic escape, DNA repair enzymes in the cytoplasm are lost, so the function of the DNA damage and repair system is lost.

Therefore, it cannot repair more than 90% of primary genetic material damage like somatic cells and egg cells.

Among the various cells in the human body, only sperm have this characteristic.

In addition, as with various other cell scores, sperm are more sensitive to toxic substances.

Spermatogenic cells are always in a state of rapid division, and males continue to produce sperm from the previous mid to late period to old age.

In the rapid spermatogenesis process, the harmful effects of various harmful factors significantly increase after accumulation and accumulation.

With the deepening of genetic research and understanding, people have become more clear that, compared to the X chromosome in the egg, the gene carried by the Y chromosome in the sperm is more prone to mutation.

(Liu Changliang) Sperm morphology reflects male fertility. Some research reports suggest that the medical community should modify the test standards for male infertility and propose that the sperm morphology should be used to reflect male growth ability.

The report pointed out that the standard set by the World Health Organization half a century ago stipulates male fertility across the board, that is, sperm counts ≥20 million / ml, and sperm motility ≥50% means normal growth ability.Education.

However, many doctors found in the clinic that some males who are “infertile” can have children, while some males who are “normal” cannot always be fathers. It can be seen that there is a gray area in the richness of men.The men on the strip believe that treating infertility patients is a waste of time and money.

  Physicians from seven universities in the United Kingdom have jointly studied the sperm of 765 infertile men and 656 couples who have children. The new standards developed are: sperm count ≥ 48 million / ml, activity count ≥ 63%, 12%The above sperm are normal in shape, it is considered to have normal reproduction ability; sperm count ≤13.5 million / ml, activity count ≤32%, normal sperm ≤9%, there is no rich ability.

If the semen test results are in between, they are in a gray area. Such men may or may not have the ability to regenerate.

  The morphological examination of the sperm of the research expert is the best reflection of male growth ability. Normal sperm should include an oval head with a tail that is the same as a whip. The head is round or too large.of.

It is gratifying that Beijing Tianlun Infertility Hospital has carried out routine inspections in this regard, which has very important guiding significance for the clinical diagnosis and treatment of male infertility patients.