[Can you drink dandelion water after childbirth]_Breastfeeding_Can you drink

[Can you drink dandelion water after childbirth]_Breastfeeding_Can you drink

We all know that for women due to physical weakness after birth, it is necessary to eat some supplementary food. If you do not eat supplementary food, and then take a good rest, do some work during confinement, it is easy to fall some confinement, But there are still some women who will drink some dandelion water after giving birth, because dandelion water is to remove heat and heat, so can women drink dandelion water after giving birth?

What is the lochia period? Postpartum lochia refers to the casual uterine decidual displacement after delivery, and the tissues including blood, necrotic decidua are replaced by the vagina.

The lochia has a bloody odor, but no odor. Its color and content change with time. It usually lasts 4?
6 weeks, about 500ml.

If it exceeds the above time, at least the lochia will be discharged, which is called endless postpartum lochia.

Normal lochia is divided into two types according to color, content and time: blood lochia (within 3 days), serous lochia (4-14 days), and white lochia (after 4 days).

The main causes of postpartum lochia are tissue residues, uterine infections, and contraction weakness.

You can eat dandelion during lactation.

Dandelion has the effect of breastfeeding, which is very suitable for breastfeeding moms.

But there are some things to pay attention to when eating dandelion during breastfeeding.

You can eat dandelion during lactation.

Benefits of eating dandelion during lactation: The dandelion plant contains dandelion alcohol, dandelion, choline and organic acid. Can I drink dandelion water during the period of lactation? You can drink dandelion water during lactation.

Dandelion has a slightly bitter taste, has heat-clearing and detoxifying, swelling and dispersing, and prolactin effect, which is very effective in treating mastitis.

It is effective whether it is taken orally or mashed externally.

You can drink dandelion water, which is effective in accelerating the discharge of lochia.

Can I drink dandelion water during the lochia period?

The answer to this question has been given above. Although it is possible to drink dandelion water in the dew period, it is still necessary to drink dandelion water in moderation.

In order to allow women to eliminate the lochia in their bodies as soon as possible after delivery, all women must check their bodies in time before and after giving birth.