“Moreover,Such high-end dishes,I dip your light and eat it once in a while,Forget it twice,Eat every day?I can’t afford it!Nothing else,Just this dish,Just like your chef’s craftsmanship,If you sell it in an outside restaurant,I have to sell it for hundreds of dollars.?”

Qin Liang casually found various reasons to justify himself,It’s like the truth,Even he believed it himself。
“Damn!How can you think so……That’s not what I said……”
Fluttershy started to worry,But for another time I can’t think of a reason to refute Qin Liang。
“OK OK,Silly girl,I know you are good to me,I know it all in my heart,thank you,It’s a blessing to know you。”
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Chapter One Thousand Eighty One I’m also in Dechang now
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I’m also in Dechang now
Qin Liang slapped a flattery,Appease Fluttershy’s emotions。
Fluttershy feels better in an instant……At least my own mind,The man in front of you knows,That’s not a waste of my heart for him。
“Humph,You still know that I treat you well?”
Fluttershy said something proudly,Then she habitually pouted her cute little mouth,This habit is really her usual habit。
I saw her cute and lovely,Qin Liang’s heart moved again instantly。
“How could I not know that you are good to me?I’m not a fool!”
Qin Liang said cynically。