First259chapter All for Lilai(Three shifts)
As Zhou Pu thought,After a few days of running in,Whether it is the main supporting role,Ordinary supporting role、actor,Are already familiar a lot。
Including those dragons,Because their group leader signed a good contract,So these dragon sets are carefully selected。
Because they all starred in costume films all year round,Has reached the point where practice makes perfect,So I dare not say how brilliant,But at least it won’t hold back。
The group heads are from Hengdian“Contractor”,They control more or less the actors。
After each casting director gives out the role requirements,They will next,Squeeze the actors in your hands,Then paid,Redistribute to the actors。
Filming in Hengdian,These group heads are absolutely indispensable。
Got the right group head,For filming and filming,Will be of great benefit。
TV series are not so elaborate,Not like a movie,Every lens needs to be polished repeatedly,Psychological feelings and facial expressions must be commendable。
It is more important to pay attention to a kind of continuity,And the continuous effect of conflicts。
When the main actors perform,As long as there is no big mistake,Basically one or two shots of a scene will pass。
Rao is so,First story《Gold Hairpin Case》,5The length of the episode still took the whole12Genius finished。
If it is calculated at this speed,Finished shooting10Stories,It will take the whole4Months。
In the initial preparations2Months time,Shoot and reuse4Months,Post-production reuse3Months,That is9Months time。