Lu Haozheng is still sorry,I have never nodded,Nothing,His memory is good,I haven’t sinned the engine in these years.。

Unreasonable,Lu Haocheng does not want to。
Sit down and learn to study design。
The days are very fast,Blink,I got a day of marriage in Blue Qiqi.。
子 in advance,I tried the bridesmaid dress with Blue Qiqi.,Very suitable,She is because of the boat,After eating dinner with Blue Qiqi,Go back to hotel rest。
Early next morning,子 要 蓝 蓝 颢 那 那 那 那,She is very early,With Blue Qiqi, go directly to the destination.。
Due to the relationship between Blue Qiqi,She is very smooth to the studio of Lin Biao。
Outside the door,She is thinking,But I heard a familiar voice.。
Her foot is a fierce,Parked in the same place,Seven years have passed,She didn’t inquire about the news of that person.。
Although he is not acting in the country,But because he is very fire,He has often seen his figure on the big screen.。
She has used to avoid his news as much as possible.。
She is never as the same as those years.,Every day, stupidly keep his TV series,Looking at her poster every night, laughing。
Seven years,She didn’t have this kind of stupid thing.。
Because no matter how you work hard,I can’t wake up a person who never puts you in my heart.。
She thought she put down.,But this moment,Heard his voice,The years of the years and love are boiling from the bottom of my heart.。
In fact, she always knows,Secret love is a monet。
From small to large,He is in her eyes,Always a most shining and brighter star。
She still remember when she was in elementary school.,He always show off with the students.,“Blue and blue,Child star,He is my friend.,He is very powerful。”
Then I got a great sense of self-feeling in a group of envy.。
With the increase of age,She found that she really liked blue and sorrow.。
Looking at the splendid night sky,Looking at the starry river,She will be silly shouting in the star river.:“Blue and blue,I really like it very much, I like you very much.!”
She waved silly against the sky,As if there is anything like him。
She is looking forward to meeting the next time,Go back every night, just want to see his poster or see him back to his WeChat,She is sweet in her heart.。
Lu Shiran is very pleasant:“Kiki,Who is your friendship??
Why didn’t you come??”
“Brother,You don’t remember it.?
Blue Qiqi’s voice is a bit surprised。
“Shu Shu,Whoever?”
Lu Shiran did not respond between the time。
“Brother,You are really bad.,Shu Shu is your fan,You actually say that you don’t know her.,When I was a child, she also ran over and saw you.,Uncle’s daughter,Blindness。”