Fang Yu didn’t ask much when he saw his father,Not to mention the reason。

Start grabbing medicine with peace of mind。
“what,You fired Fang Yu!”
People’s Hospital。
The dean learned about this,Outrageous!
Fang Yu’s strength is not bad,Except I can’t grab a scalpel。But this time,Actually fired?
“Fang Yu is not optimistic about the patient……And violated the hospital’s rules,Interns can only watch outside,And can’t enter the operating room……”
The attending doctor replied。
this matter,He also followed the rules。
The dean asked,He can only say that。
“Bastard……Who wrote this article?”The dean asked。
“Former dean……”
The attending doctor murmured。
“Now the patient’s family wants to thank Fang Yu……What do you think about this?Say we fired people……Fang Yu violated the rules when entering the operating room,But he saved people!”
Dean said coldly。
Very dissatisfied with the handling of this matter。
“Dean, what do you mean?”
The attending doctor can hear it out。
Dean has other plans!