Easy to catch a cold, do not eat parsley


Easy to catch a cold, do not eat parsley

Coriander is a kind of spice vegetable that people often eat, which has the functions of stimulating appetite and enhancing digestion.

Chinese medicine believes that coriander has all the wrongness and has the effect of warming the stomach.

People with cold constitution can eat coriander properly to recover cold pain in the stomach, indigestion, measles and other symptoms.

銆€銆€However, people who are prone to catch a cold should avoid eating coriander.

銆€銆€Because these people often have different degrees of qi deficiency, and the cilantro flavor can be scattered, eat more or eat for a long time, it will consume gas, damage the spirit, boots cause or aggravate qi deficiency, resulting in a more serious cold.

In addition to repeated colds, people with qi deficiency often manifest as hyperhidrosis, fatigue, burnout and other discomforts. Those with obvious symptoms of qi deficiency, it is best to eat less or not eat coriander.

Postpartum, patients who recover from illness often have a certain degree of qi deficiency, so they should also “respect the coriander”.

銆€銆€Although people with colds have to “draw boundaries” with coriander, they are physically strong and have better physical fitness. People who occasionally catch a cold can use it to treat colds.

銆€銆€Chinese medicine in the clinical treatment of cold and cold, commonly used some Xin Wen Jie table of Chinese medicine, and coriander has such a role.

Patients with cold and cold can take 9 grams of coriander, 10 grams of scallion, and take it after seasoning with water and sugar.

In addition, people with spleen and stomach deficiency can also dissolve parsley and warm the stomach, help digestion and relieve stomach pain. When you cook porridge, you can add orange peel with digestion and qi, and warm ginger with cold stomach.At the end of the parsley, carefully cilantro porridge to drink.

People who suffer from stomach pain caused by eating greasy food can also ask for coriander to “help”: take 50-100 grams of fresh parsley, wash and smash the juice to take, can effectively relieve stomach pain.