“Ha ha,Why are you like a child。correct,do not move。”Jiang Fan said,Pick up another bow from the table,Smooth the short hair from Ding Yi’s forehead to the back,Pin this knot on Ding Yi’s forehead, Said:“This is right。”Talking,Touched her head again。

This scene happened to be seen by Lin Yan,He wants to quit,Feel inappropriate again,Just slapped and said:“Haha,Really like sisters!”
“such,I will take a picture of you two,Keep a memorial。”Jiang Fan said,Go to the drawer to get the camera。
Ding Yi smiled,Said:“I haven’t photographed it yet。”
Jiang Fan took out the camera,Took a look at the indoor light,I looked at the clothes of Ding Yi and the puppy again,Set the speed at1/60second、The aperture is fixed5.6on,Let them stand metering,Find a good angle“Click”Bang。
The puppy heard the click of Jiang Fan’s camera,Unexpectedly“Wang”Called,Ding Yi said quickly:“live!”
Jiang Fan changes his aperture and speed from time to time,Ordinarily without auxiliary light,No longer have the conditions to take pictures,After all, it’s winter and it’s late,The sun is getting closer and closer to the horizon,But Jiang Fan suddenly got creative inspiration at this moment,Looking for an angle to Ding Yi。
At this moment,A slanting sun outside the window just came through,Ding Yizhi was standing,There is golden light in the hair,Very textured,Even her slightly curved eyelashes are beating light。Jiang Fan set the aperture exaggeratedly2.8,speed60with125Two gears,Hold the camera firmly,Talk to Ding Yi:“Look at me。”Just when Ding turned around for a moment,Jiang Fan pressed the shutter。That’s when she laughed,The white teeth are all shining。
Jiang Fan kept running out of the remaining film in the camera,Unload film,Hand it to Lin Yan,Said:“I’ll send it off tomorrow。”
Ding Yiyi squeezed the film from Jiang Fan,Hold in hand,Said:“I go to rush。”
Jiang Fan said:“You have to let me see if you rush back,I want to compare several sets of data and effects。”
Ding nodded and said:“no problem。”
First36chapter Someone Jiang Fan never wants to see
Jiang Fan smiled,Touched Ding Yi’s head and said:“it is good,Next we go to dinner。Secretary Lin,Ready to arrange where we eat?”
Lin Yan laughed,Mayor is in a good mood,Those who serve the mayor are happy,He said:“Director Peng said to go to Huanyu Restaurant。”
“Eating those at night is not easy to digest,Ding Yi,Do you like barbecue?If you don’t like it, let’s go to Jindun to eat Huaiyang cuisine。”