Xu Xuan is an undisguised mockery。

Houston will never want to win the championship forever!
I said!
“If according to the current strength of the two sides,Houston undoubtedly has a huge active advantage,The Knicks want to win this away win is definitely not that simple!”
“The Houstonians suffered a wave of two consecutive defeats before,I definitely want to get points now,And based on the last Knicks fight76Human performance,I still choose to believe in Houston.”
Before the game, media experts were all optimistic about Houston。
After all, the Knicks were really struggling in previous games,Many people have studied the Knicks,Their offensive and defensive efficiency is the last game in the league,As for why we can win so many games.Maybe it’s luck?
“Can you win?”
“of course!Their dishes are like chicken!”
“Then beat them for me!victory!victory!”
The Rockets’ dressing room is very impressive!
And the Knicks,Xu Xuan walked into the locker room murderously.
“Bros,Where’s the knife!Bring my 18-meter-long machete!”
First89chapter Houston must die!
Xu Xuan’s worst enemy!
So today this game,He must win!
And Houston must die!