Rent a house with a pretty girl,Make a nest of your own,Of course I still hope this nest can be more comfortable。

There is no pressure at home anyway,The 500,000 that Guo Miaomiao paid is still in his parents’ hands,This also means that all the money in his hand can be used。
Before the accident, I had two to three thousand Yu’e Bao,More than two months after the accident,He still takes the basic salary,Although not much,There are four to five thousand。
Then I went to Shan Rou to take photos,Received five thousand rewards。
Plus the relevant department issued5000Dollars are justified and brave for bonuses and added by the property company and the industry committee1Ten thousand yuan is justified and brave as a bonus,Added together2Wando。
Although I bought all those things,Will make my wallet empty,But it’s not that there is no money available。
As long as Monday can sign the contract with Hanshen Clothing Company,Twenty thousand in the next month,You can get it1Wando,I’m loose on hand。
Even if you take 10,000 steps back,There is no way to sign the contract on Monday,Continue to work in Hongjing Garden,Be his security,Also in that month4000More income,Pay rent for water and electricity,Can also have some surplus,Don’t eat your money。
Living with such a beautiful girl,The economy can sustain,Isn’t it enough??
Most people have girlfriends, the economy is basically negative,Rely on home resources,Or apply for more credit cards to overdraft the future。
Can sustain,What else can’t?
Under his insistence,Ye Wenwen finally agreed to extravagance。
As for the bed,This is not convenient for Taobao,There is a furniture market nearby anyway,Ye Wenwen suggested that you can go and have a look after dinner。
——For this Taobao,She doesn’t know how to search,The search“single bed”Still“Double bed”What?
The single bed was obviously not what she wanted,Double bed,It’s a bit too reserved。
This can only be proposed by Fang Hao,She is not easy to bring up。
I ate this barbecue for more than half an hour,While eating and discussing about decorating the house。
They are all people without relevant experience,For future life,Have great yearning。
Although they think a happy life,Maybe it’s too crude in the eyes of others,But the living environment is much better than before,Let them think about it and feel very satisfied。
“Start a family”These four very simple words,For these two young people living at the bottom of society,Is a great temptation,Has an indescribable attraction。