9 steps of home massage to create slim hands

9 steps of home massage to create slim hands

The hand is the woman’s second face.

In the dry season, you can’t take care of your hands. While caring for the skin of your face and body, pay attention to the details. Have you forgotten to give your hands a spa?

Today I will teach everyone the method of hand massage to give your delicate hand the perfect care!

  After a day of work, our hands are also very tired and lack of oxygen, which requires our careful care.

The following editors recommend simple hand massage exercises for you to make your hands more beautiful.

  step1: Soak the massage cream and other products in the water until rich foam and pleasant fragrance appear, soak your hands in the foam.

  step2: Next, use your hands to strike between your fingers, so that every inch of skin and joints are relaxed and stretched.

  step3: Gently press the joints of the fingers with your hands, each joint must be taken care of, so as to make the blood circulation more smooth.

  step4: Step on the palm of your palm with your thumbs from bottom to top until your palm is slightly warm.

  step5: find the first joint of the finger, then pull the finger, slowly pull up like outside, so that each finger is fully stretched.

  step6: Squeeze the tip of each finger with your thumb and forefinger to relax your fingers.

  step7: Next, twist the tip of each finger, so that the joints are fully moved.

  step8: Finally, open the fist of the hand, repeat a few times, so that the hands can fully contract, and unblock the hand joints and blood circulation.

  step9: Hold the fingernail part of the finger and squeeze it slowly until the finger becomes slightly hot.