[How to peel the bellflower]_How to peel_ 小 妙招

[How to peel the bellflower]_How to peel_ 小 妙招

Bellflower seems to be seldom eaten by many people in life. In fact, this kind of food is mainly used by some people after processing to make it into Chinese medicinal materials, because this Chinese medicinal material itself has a lot of medicinal value.Yes, it shows that you can improve your own throat disease very well, but the bellflower must be peeled before you can use the medicine.


Yin Qiaosan (“Distinguishment of Warm Illnesses”) has been attending the beginning of fever.

9g forsythia, 9g of silver flower, 6g of bitter bellflower, 6g of mint, 4g of bamboo leaf, 5g of raw licorice, 5g of nepeta spike, 5g of light tofu, 9g of burdock root, 9g of reed root.

The Chinese bellflower clears throat and is used for adjudication.


Sang Juyin (“Treatise on Febrile Diseases”) attends the beginning of wind and temperature.

Mulberry leaves 7.

5g, 3g chrysanthemum, 6g almond, 5g forsythia, mint 2.

5g, chinese bellflower 6g, licorice 2.

5g, reed root 6g.

Drink two cups of water, boil one cup, and serve twice a day.

The Chinese bellflower clears the throat.


Zhi Xi San (“Medical Psychology”) attends to the lungs of wind evil criminals.

Chinese bellflower, nepeta, aster, 100 parts, white before, 3g of licorice, 6g of peel.

Totally, it is adjusted at the end of each serving (6-9g) of boiled water. After eating, it is placed on the bed, the first feeling is cold, and the ginger soup is adjusted.

The Chinese bellflower has a bitter taste and is good at spreading lung energy.

The main affiliated prescriptions are: ① treatment of lung dysentery, coughing and full chest, vibrating cold pulses, dry throat without thirst, turbid salivation, and long-term spitting and purulence, such as rice porridge: one or two lisianthus and two or licorice.

On the second taste, take three liters of water, boil one liter, and then take the temperature, then spit pus and blood.

(“King’s Lack of Essentials” Kikyo soup)) ② treatment of phlegm, cough, wheezing and irritation: Kikyo one or two and a half.

Punch Luo Weisan, use the boy to urinate half a liter, fry the Sihe, go to warm clothes.

(“Briefing Jizhongfang”) ③ Treatment of throat paralysis and poisonous gas: Platycodon grandiflorum.

Three liters of water, boil one liter and serve it.

(“Thousands of Gold Recipes”) ④ Cold cure, chestless, heat-free: three points of platycodon, one point of croton (peeled, heart, boiled black, grind like fat), three points of fritillary.

The upper three flavors are scattered, with white drink kimono, strong man and half money dagger, whoever is reduced.

Sickness will be vomited on the urn, and it will be beneficial under the urn. It will be unfavorable. If you have a cup of hot porridge, you will benefit more than a cup of cold porridge.

(“Treatise on Febrile Diseases” Baisan) ⑤ cure typhoid and qi, chest full of dying: eustoma, scutellaria (, go to 穰) each one or two.

The flour is as large as rice beans, one and a half liters of water, fried for half, simmered and divided into two servings.

(“Su Shenliang Fang” 枳 shell soup) ⑥ treatment of rotten teeth: lisianthus, fennel equally.

Burn and apply it.

(“Han Yi Yi Jian Fang”) Pharmacological effects 1.

Expectorant and antitussive effects: Rats and dogs take 1g / kg of this product decoction, which can significantly increase the secretion of mucus in the respiratory tract. Its strength can be mixed with ammonium chloride.

It also has obvious expectorant effect on anal cats.

It has been reported that platycodin saponin has an expectorant effect stronger than Polygala, and is inferior to Polygala senegaL.


The phenol red test results in mice were weaker than Polygala.

The saponin contained in balloon flower causes some degree of irritation to the throat mucosa and stomach mucosa when taken orally, which causes the secretion of the respiratory mucosa to be hyperactive, causing the sputum to be replaced and discharged. Crude balloon flower saponin has antitussive effect.Guinea pigs have an effective dose of 6 for intraperitoneal injection and antitussive.

4mg / kg.