“Hello, Grandpa Yuan。”Dabao stretched out his little hand first,Gently shook Yuan Qipu’s face。

Yuan Qipu said with a loud laugh: “Yoha,The shaking hands are so like Comrade Jiang Fan,Dragonfly,I can’t hold it for a while。”
Jiang Fan and everyone laughed。
Zhang Hua also greeted the two little guys,Said:“Dabao、Good second treasure。”
“Hello Auntie Zhang。”The two children responded politely。
Yuan Qipu stopped doing it,Said:“Who taught you two?Why call me grandpa,Call her aunt?”
Erbao was upset when he saw Grandpa,I cover my mouth subconsciously,Hiding by mother’s side。
Dabao thought about it:“Because grandpa’s hair is gray。”
Ding Yi hurried over Dabao,Don’t let him go on。
Yuan Qipu laughed,Said:“Xiaoding,Don’t stop the child,Tong Yan Wuji,I didn’t dye my hair for two months,Somebody won’t let me dye。I heard Dabao say this today,After going back,I want to dye my hair,Otherwise, how can you stand with your aunt??right?”
Zhang Hua stabbed him,Said:“See you,What to tell the child?”
At this moment,Shu Qing led Quanliang and came over,Shu Qing bent over and said in a low voice:“Greetings Yuan Da and Aunt Zhang。”
Measure up to the front,Looked at Yuan Qipu and said:“Hello, Grandpa Yuan,Hello Auntie Zhang。”
Yuan Qipu listened,Another burst of laughter,Said:“You kid,Will really blow my enthusiasm,I just said dye my hair,Grandpa beat me back to my original form again,Get,I won’t dye this hair,Grandpa is grandpa。”