When Lao Yu appeared at the press conference with Xu Xuan and Melon at the same time,The media reporters are crazy!

“Kakaka”’S voice is endless。
no doubt,Xu Xuan is definitely the protagonist tonight!
The protagonist takes turns,Come to my house today。
Playing a supporting role for so long,Today is the first leading role,This feeling,Tut,trueTMother’s cool!
This61Points may not represent the full strength of an individual,But definitely a symbol of star status。
Like Kobe’s81Minute、Chamberlain’s100Minute、Jordan’s69Minute.
Jennings was getting55After dividing,The momentum also surpassed any rookie in the same class.!
And Xu Xuan now scores higher than he did in the past.
“Xu,May I take it for you personally tonight61Does the division have any special meaning?”
After the host congratulated Xu Xuan for breaking various records,Ask the first question。
Xu Xuan coughed,Pondered:“First of all, very happy to get so many points,Actually, I didn’t think I did anything terrible,Because my teammates and opponents have given me a lot of opportunities.”
After the reporter was stunned for a while,Happy immediately。
Look at,I’m talking about people,Let your teammates give it a chance,What does the opponent give a chance?
Killing pig heart!
“What do you want to say to your opponent most now?”Some reporters don’t think it’s a big deal。
Xu Xuan glared at the reporter,But I still speak from the heart:“I want to say that I have to thank them.After all without them there would be no me tonight61Minute。”