Money,It’s enough to make Miao Yi clothing, no worries, next hairs。

What is artificial pregnancy?,What is the child?……She is still young,With the money,I don’t have to worry about this life.。
She is also very clear,I seem to be involved in a plenty of rotation.。
If it is a little accidentally,It is very likely that it will die without burial。
And these years,She has never seen the mysterious person.,Leave only one phone。
When the summer appears,She hit a phone in secret。
And the mysterious people in the phone also gave him instructions.。
When she came to Huaxia in the summer,See the summer cloud,And after hearing his voice,Suddenly was shocked。
Summer cloud,And the sound of my mysterious people in these months,Exactly。
She has not controlled her own disappearance.。
Fortunately, I didn’t know it in the summer.。
All her exhibited everything。
greedy,Ambient,I want to replace Liu Qingqing et al.,Both are doing instructions。
She is naturally unclear,Liu Qingqing is also a circle of planning。
This plan is separated。
Whether she is still Liu Qingqing,Real chess pieces,I don’t know the existence of their respective。
Summer is also the same。
I have been hidden in the drum since I since I。
Therefore,Whether he is,Miao Yi,E even Liu Qingqing,There is no trace of acting。
It is because,In order to make Gu Qi Zhi have no brothers so easy.。
“Sorry,Me……I don’t know you.……”
Welcome the eyes of Miao Yi,Liu Qingqing’s face has become a bit awkward,“I have previously said to you.,Don’t worry,Originally, I still want to find a chance to apologize to you.。”
She really thought,Miao Ye is a summer child。
“Do nothing,Me,I have to apologize to you too.。”
Miao Yi’s eyes and patterns have been small,I didn’t expect Liu Qingqing to apologize.,Hurry,“In fact, I am also the same.,Previous meeting,Even if you don’t take the initiative,I will also take the initiative to provoke our contradictions.……”
“okay,You don’t have to do this.。”
Summer snow next to it,“It’s all for this plan.,Gu Jia 5 brothers must also die。”
Toned,She looks to Miaoi,“This matter,All your pay will be rewarded,Your parents will also be arranged to return to China,Even in Beijing,The rest of the pay will also be entered into your account.,It’s enough to make you half-born food。”
Miao Yi stunned。
She doesn’t know Xia Xue,However, it does not affect its judgment.。
It is too strong that the gas field belt in Xia Xue himself is too strong.,Even if Liu Qingqing is worse than it。
At this time,Xia Xue also,“But I have a question.,Child?What should you do??If you still have concerns,Wait for children to give birth,I can complete him to make people,Give him the best all resources,Certainty,If you have to raise,I will not be hard to be strong.,After all, you pay a lot.。”
Miao Yi’s face is coming out,“Can you give me some time to think about it??”
She has already felt out,Whether Liu Qingqing,Summer Snow,Even summer clouds,Absolutely a big person。