Strong peep sense,Let the spring brow。

“this is。。。。”
Springs widened,“White eye!”
I saw the eyes of Ningxing became blue white.,Blue gluten riped to the eye,A little black mark is displayed in the pupil。
“hehe,I want to thank you.,Let me master the ultimate ability of the family so soon.,White eye”
Ning’s breathing is stable,His strength has reappeared again,He doesn’t think that Spring is still his opponent.。
“No bar,This is open?Still stimulating”Spoof。
Earlier is now very shocking in my heart.,Ning is actually open this age.。
Because there is such a day to family students in the class,He also found a predecessor asked about the white eyes.,Can you just be ten years old?。
Then this can only be used to describe Ning.,genius。
Classmates around you can’t understand,What are this?,Is the white eye?,But Ning’s look is indeed strange。
“White eye,What is gout”Spring is disdainful。
But in fact, his heart is still very envious.,After all, he still has a mistaked white eye.。
“Soon, you know the power of the white eye.”Ningxing said faintly,Poster a soft plunger again。
“I am afraid of you.”Spring begins to accumulate breathing,In this way, the breathing is increased to the limit.。
Ning order can see Chakra in the body of Quanyi,More and more Chakra integrated into the body。
Is this the source of your strength?,Through a lot of Chakra stimulate the whole body,With the knife to increase your power to the limit。
I have a white eye, I will see the characteristics of Spring.。
“good idea,But there are more Chakra that consumes this consumption.,When can you persist?”
Strong peep sense,Continuous reminder,The situation in your own body has been seen in Ning.。
He also has the ability to have internal view,Of course, you will consume a lot of Chekra.,The improvement of strength is not cost,Breathing is just let Chakra can be distributed to the whole body,All-round improvements。
Can’t wait any longer,Spring is directly rushed out,At this time, his breathing has increased to the limit.,The whole body suddenly feels like activation,Power。
Chakra is also slowly reduced,Although Chakra has been extracted in the body,But still will cause physical loss。
And when spring began to move,Chakra’s consumption is coming soon。
But as compensation,Springs’ speed increase。
“I got it,Transverse”Ning times suddenly squatted。
Spring, the talents score from the head of Ning.。
Ning’s palm stretch,Direct attack to the abdomen of the spring。
But the next change,Let Ning have grown up their eyes,His Chakra actually didn’t play it.。
It is also a sound,Ning is kicked out。
But it’s good to react to Ning.,Protect your body with your hand。
The spring is not completely affected.,This strike is not strong。
Quan Yi touchs the belly,Some pain,But the feeling of being caught is completely。
“How did you prevent it?,My point”Ningxing said surprised。
At the same time, I also look at the body of the spring with white eyes.,“It turned out to be like this”
Qiqu Chakra has entered the body,Directly protect the meridians in this flow,So Ning’s Chakragen did not play in。