In a wrong,Surprised eyes,Wu Xiangdong once again looked at Liu Qingqing,Laud,“I want to invite Mr. Xia,Just because my fiancee likes Miss Liu’s boyfriend.,Hehehe,I don’t know if Miss Liu know this??”

It’s not amazing.。
The amount of information in this sentence is too big.。
It’s like a deep water bomb that was east an extremely embarrassed,Suddenly exploded。
The fried Yao Yu face is pale fear,The fried Liu Qingqing face is gloomy,Awkward。
Have to know,This is not a private party。
It gathers the famous people of the entire Suhang’s top circle.。
Not only Liu Qingqing and Yao Yu,Even if there is anyone in the court, I have never thought of,The martial arts will actually say this.。
Everyone has a horrified expression on your face.,Then the people ‘s eyes are flashing.。
Complete a lively attitude。
Is this going to tear a battle??
Certainty,There are also a few faces of face,Look at the eyes of Wu Xiangdong is full of jealous。
He although it makes Yao Yu and Liu Qingqing,There is not much scenery on your own face.。
After all, my fiancee likes others.,I am equipped with him with a green hat.。
This guy is a madman!
This is the unanimous conclusion that everyone in all people。
“Liu Miss,Why don’t you talk??”
Warm direction,Wearing a black suit,Handsome cheeks with Wen Wenya smile,It seems like that humility。
But what he said,But there is no relationship with the style of the gentleman.。
“I hope that Miss Liu hurts her own boyfriend.,Otherwise,I don’t mind, Miss Liu is constrained.。
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First1481Chapter Sharp
When the military is said to this sentence,Yao Yu’s body trembled vigorously。
Face is pale and ugly。
Her face,I can’t see the charm and enchanting.,Like a small woman who is hurt, she is trembling.。
I am afraid she knows very early.,Viewed Wen Wenya’s Wen Dongdong,In fact, it is a hungry wolf who eats people.。
But still didn’t think,He will actually be in the face of so many people.,Say the words just now。
This is to let her have a laughter in the Suhang circle with Liu Qingqing.。
This devil!
Yao Yu is shocked and shocked,Shameful angry,But it is helpless。
Because she is not saying。
She can not admit that it is the unmarried wife of Wuji East,But you can’t deny the fact that you like the summer.。
No need to think about it at all,She can guess,If she is denying,Wu Tuan East will inevitably have a further plan。
Even in her,The madman of the martial arts is waiting for her to deny and defending。
Just when she is in a mess,Liu Qingqing’s voice suddenly came。
“Wu Shao,You said that my boyfriend likes your unmarried wife.?Is this this??”
Wu Tuan East,Go nodding,“I can determine,This is a fact。”