And the rest of the person,Wrap the summer in the center。

Two bodyguards respectfully,And the woman will regard it,Rao is interested, go back,Summer in the crowd。
Her mouth is slightly tight,Hook a touch contempt。
Lead black bodyguard faces,A pair of eyes flashing cold light,Sound cold like an iceberg,With unquestionable strength。
In his body,More than a dozen bodyguards have taken a crowbar from the waist.,A noodle,Murderous。
Summer is indifferent,Continue to walk。
Two bodyguards immediately stopped。
And the name named Gu Yun,Then arrogant smile,“Boy,Give you a chance,Can’t kneel?”
“Did I just say it?,I just don’t want to,Some kinds come to kill me。”
Unlessed,The woman is already impatient,“Interrupt your leg,Let him kneel down。”
Woman’s words,Just like it is a very common thing,That beautiful face and cold voice,Form a very obvious contrast。
Leading bodyguards,After,“interrupt……”
Two words are not falling,The sound is abundant。
A pistol,Has been on his forehead。
Next to youth,Face sudden change。
Black hole cold muzzle,Do tens of dumps in the surrounding eyes, the bodyguards are all stiff,Be strike。
Short-lived hairdress,Quiet again in the moment。
Summer doesn’t look at the bodyguard,But directly look at the woman,“Who do you want to interrupt??”
It is completely unaptified,Surrounded by passers-by brush is concentrated on the woman。
The expression on the face is stiff。
Da da。
Two bodyguards beside the body,Blocking in front of the woman。
“I don’t believe it, I don’t dare to shoot.!”
Leading bodyguard’s forehead dropped cold sweat,Noodles。
Summer is on his belly,即 把 古 古 云,The muzzle is aligned with him.,“I am going now.,do you have any opinion?”
“you……you,you know……”