“Since Qin Liang is back,You little couple meet again,There must be a lot to say,You two go back to the room now,Other disciples continue to stay here。”

After talking to Qin Liang for a while,The considerate Dao Chang Bai,Actually gave Shen Ruoxi a holiday,Let her take Qin Liang back to Shen Ruoxi’s residence,This is really beyond Qin Liang and Shen Ruoxi’s expectations。
Besides, Master Bai left all the others behind,This is obviously to prevent others from disturbing the rhythm of this young couple,So that this little couple“Little don’t win newlyweds”,Can have a chance to get in touch……
“Thank you for being perfect。”
Qin Liang who reacted first,Bowed and bowed to Bai Daochang。
“Thank you master。”
Shen Ruoxi is shy,But I have to thank my master。
“Ha ha,Don’t have to thank me,You two go now。”
Daochang Bai smiled lovingly,Waved。
So after Qin Liang greeted everyone,Took Shen Ruoxi’s little hand and left,Although Yang Shiyun deliberately didn’t look at the back of the two of them leaving,But still sighed secretly in my heart……
Pulling Shen Ruoxi on the bluestone path in the forest,Qin Liang laughed a few times from time to time。
“What are you laughing at?”
Shen Ruo Xiyang finally couldn’t help but ask。
“Ha ha,Pulling you, such a very beautiful girl, into the woods,Do you say i can laugh unpleasantly?Hey Hey……”
Qin Liang said with a smirk on Mimi’s face deliberately。