Take the Dragonfly Group’s newspapers,All revolutionary letters,They have been using me and my wife’s things to catch up.,诋诋 集 集,These media,Don’t let go of a family。

A family gives me a good check,Until clean up clean。
Besides ,This spokesperson is not very stunned.,Do you pay attention to a little more。
Don’t let her have no born。”
Since they want to play,Then play bigger,He Lu Haozheng is time and money and they play.。
Note,Keep nod,He has even sympathy with the newspaper and media that are subject to lawyers.,Who is caught in the wind?,Points for their president。
People have money,In this river, it can really cover the sky.。
Such strength pets,Only their president can do。
Lu Hao Cheng finished,Seeing him still don’t move,Look at him,“Still not going??”
The Journey is thinking about it.,Know that this big president can’t leave your wife,But the business is also clear.,He is very courageous:“Continental,The European secretary is not,Tomorrow Fan City is going to travel,There are also a few local branches, the mains must also personally go to see。”
Lu Haozheng,Think about it,Say:“Look at what is important in the past few days, it is going to be busy.。”
The Journey to know,He wants to take a lady.,But this time he is disappointed.,The lady will be very busy recently.。
He laughed:“President,New listing,The lady is busy than any time.,These days have always led the design team to arrange related questions at the 11th floor.?”
Lu Hao is unhappy,Look at the right game,I don’t know what taste in my heart.,At this time, the wife is going to travel.,Somewhat improper。
he’s gone,Hao Peng’s bastard http://www.fengxianqulvshi.cn is not even more eye-catching??
Lu Hao’s eyes,ask:“Average。”
The Journey to look at Lu Haozheng,He has been eating single dog food,There is always a sense of gloating feelings.。
“President,A total of three days。”
“Three days!”
Lu Haocheng called up,He found that the benefits of Ou Jing, who are going to work here, is not a good one half of the one.,That is really good。
“Yes,President,We go directly from Fan CityCcountry,CHow can the country’s trip to come back?。”
The right game is happy,A good time,He has a lot of work.。
Unfortunately, some people have a wife.,These three days may be three years of suffering.。
“knew,You go to arrange it.。”
Lu Haocheng is a little desolate。
“Yes, President。”
The right chapter is smiling and went out,How do he feel so good??
Oh, he will not be http://www.natrual.cn too good for the days in these days.。
Land, this temper,There is no one who lives around him.,Really very difficult to get。
I think of these,Some heads of the journey。
Lu Hao picked his mobile phone,Look at online comments,Void,Gloomy and strange。
He looks down in one piece。
In fact, everyone’s speculation is very,Lu Ga and Blue Xin have never seen a beautiful love,I am afraid that it is a blue wishful love land.,Otherwise, there is no official marriage.。