Is the mother of self-taught Chinese medicine divided into several segments?

Is the mother of self-taught Chinese medicine divided into several segments?

The last time I heard a mother said that the family used to call her quack doctor.

Because she taught Chinese medicine herself, and she has been dealing with children’s diseases for many years, although there has not been much progress, it seems that she has indeed harvested a lot of things.

If you want to give your self-taught Chinese medicine mother a sub-segment, some people may say that it can be divided into ordinary quack doctors, two mediocrity doctors, and perverted quacks.

Indeed, the path of studying medicine is easy to go wrong.

But there are indeed many people who, in their self-study, explored the secrets of a few treasures.

At first we might have done this.

That is, we will treat life and medicine separately.

We will pretend that we are a scholar.

Theoretical madman.

This is the first segment.

To be a theoretical madman, you must do it with a broad mind and no obstacles.

That is to say, when talking about any topic, you must be able to show a high degree of appearance.

We are paying attention to many Chinese medicine public numbers.

We bite some intriguing medical records.

Did not meet Chinese medicine before.

We will think that some things are fatal, cannot be changed, and there is no choice.

And Chinese medicine allows us to understand the problems that have not been solved before, and can be solved in the perspective of Chinese medicine.

This feeling is like the word no doubt in the world.

This feeling is like a spring breeze, spring back to the earth, everything recovers.

It’s like it’s that you don’t have to spend money to go out and buy things, it’s like all the wealth can be saved.

Yes, Chinese medicine has opened another door for us, let us see a new world.

However, when we encounter real problems, we may still be at a loss.

A simple cold may stump us.

Then, in order to ensure safety, we will deal with it according to the previous processing method.

It’s like Chinese medicine is just a cross talk at the Spring Festival party.

Turn off the TV.

Cross talk is a cross talk, and you are yourself.

So suddenly one day we felt that it was wrong, we decided to change.

This is the medical method we have begun to try to learn in the textbook.

We began to write articles, learn prescriptions, soups, acupuncture, and massage.

Learn to dialectical.

Even looking for a master to follow up.

If you have learned the sheep dad’s course, it may be easier, most of the time is to practice the six-class syndrome, and the use of the corresponding Chinese patent medicine.

So we entered the second stage, using the drug tyrant.Through continuous practice, through constant observation of the problems of people around you.

Has accumulated a lot of rich clinical experience.

We can accurately grasp the general direction of the disease, and identify the correct, medication recommendations, in the common diseases, especially in children with common diseases, we began to fall in love with dialectical.

Fascinated by the joy of healing.

We will see people all over the world are sick.

When we go deep into a subject, we may often reject something else.

It seems that there are some demeanor.

But this may be the process that we must learn.

Making mistakes is the path that everyone must pass.

Almost no one can escape this process.

Because, behind the refusal, it may just be for the sake of letting us go to the deepest point of Chinese medicine.

After the combat drug fever season.

We will gradually discover the laws of life.

The illness itself is not necessarily for the use of medicine.

Just reminding us that our lives have replaced the right track.

This is the third stage, the Chinese doctor live.

That is, we are able to call the treatment of medicine when we are sick at home.

But at the same time, we can also understand the reasons behind this disease.

Most of the time we will not choose to take the medicine, or consider the needs of life, body and itself.

Go back to normal life.

If you are cold, drink a cup of ginger soup, take a good sleep, and add thick clothes the next day.

After accumulating food, I will drink a few days of porridge and meditate.

We are very confident about the process of illness and recovery. We know when the disease will probably be good. We know that we only need a few days to adjust, and we can live again and again.

But more often, we will integrate life into Chinese medicine.

In accordance with the way Chinese medicine teaches us, go eat and drink, sleep, and adjust your mood.

Big to life and death, small enough to eat and pee can not speak the rules.

Chinese medicine is like our boss at this time.

I want to hear the opinions of “he” when something happens.

In accordance with the way Chinese medicine teaches us, to choose, ingredients, clothing, entertainment, and even a partner.

let’s begin.

Chinese-style clothing, eat five days a week.

When I was sick, I only drink white porridge, refuse all junk food, refuse all songs and dances, and get up at 5 o’clock every morning to play Tai Chi.

It seems to have entered old age in advance.

For a time, we found that the circles around us have become somewhat different. During the holidays, the way of gathering has also changed.

We are immersed in such a day, immersed in such calm and joy.

However, we will become uneasy because of the sudden interruption.

When a child who is not suitable for drinking milk drinks a glass of milk in the morning, we are worried about him, and the milk cannot be digested. This thing does not help, and even worsens the burden of milk metabolism in the body.

This is part of the physiological connection.

Chinese medicine was mentioned at the beginning.

Only most people will put it in the last factor to consider.And when we find that some problems in our body will be difficult to get rid of, even now, the recovery is very good after medication, and in the near future, it will still be repeated.

We can’t help but start thinking. Is it because Chinese medicine has lied to us, or is there a problem with medicine? Isn’t all the drugs just a placebo?

In this process of thinking, we observed many people around us, many diseases, many emotional problems, and many heart problems.

And the relationship between them.

This allowed us to smoothly enter the next segment.

Continue to move forward in awareness.

The status of this segment will be very interesting.

That is to say, we can already look at some of the problems of the disease relatively, and we can also confirm the correct judgment on the use of drugs.

But what’s interesting is that we can rest assured that we don’t have to take medicine, or we may not be obsessed with it.

We can accept that medicine can be used as a comfort and help to the disease.

We can also accept that each person will symbolically become ill at a certain time and adjust the physiological balance through illness.

We may still lose our temper from time to time. What’s different is that when we lose our temper, we know clearly that our liver is clearing bad energy, and it is not bad to lose temper. When we dredge, weStill can go.

Repent for some people and reconcile with them.

We will still eat some junk food from time to time, sleep late, eat a packet of instant noodles to see the Korean foam script, but not the same, we will put it down and we will not repeat it.Look at the entanglement.

For example, we know that Korean male gods will make our eyes happy.

After we have carefully appreciated the brilliance of the male god, we can also try to bloom these brilliance in life.

We know that there is no conflict between the gloom of this era and the ignorance of Chinese medicine.


Meet the roadside stalls tonight.”

And we are only in the malls of this era, Chinese medicine told us where our home is, and we know the way home, know that we are finished, we will go home.

Postscript: For Chinese medicine, we will stay in the first segment for a long period of time, and understand the distance from the application, long or short.

Droughts can help you change this distance.