The cafe reflects your view of dating

The cafe reflects your view of dating

When you are in a bad mood, many people like to be alone for a while. Otherwise, you just need to find a close friend to go to the coffee shop to chat and accompany you through the low tide of your soul.

If you particularly like a coffee shop, what do you think is the biggest reason it can please you?

  A, the view is particularly good B, the meals are many and the quality is good C, the price is fair D, the boss chooses kindly and courteouslyIt is misleading that you are always too late, and others do not know how to get along with you, so you need to be careful to create obstacles in interpersonal relationships.

  Option B: You have a lot of friends, and you have all the best.

The last thing you need in your life should be “friends”.

You are optimistic by nature. Friends with you feel relaxed and happy, and you always greet everyone generously. Your social skills are very smart.

  Choice C: Your slick personality may become a recipe for rejecting bad friends, but it may also be an obstacle for others to want to approach you.

You can only deal with a few types of people, and other people may have maladaptive conditions. It is better not to try easily.

  Choice D: You don’t talk about benefits and don’t like to take advantage of others. The biggest feeling with you is sincere and real, so you have a lot of friends, and most of them are people who care about you.

Because today’s society is full of falsehood and deception, people like you are surprised and rare.