Eat more oats for neuralgia

Eat more oats for neuralgia

Neuralgia mostly occurs when the nerve is stimulated or inflamed. The pain is distributed along the nerve. It can be transient or dead. It can also be a chronic symptom. It manifests in a variety of forms. Symptoms include pain, tingling, tactile allergy, or nerve loss in the affected area.Redness and swelling, severe cases will suffer fractures.

The causes of neuritis vary, including lack of nutrients (vitamin B), metabolic disorders, direct blows or fractures by external forces, compression of nerves by blood vessels, bones or connective tissue, nerve infections, diabetes, gout, blood cancer, etc., taking methanol, excessToxic metals such as lead and mercury can also cause nerve damage.

  The more common neuralgias are trigeminal neuralgia (mostly in the elderly over the age of 50), sciatica, and stinging caused by shingles.

When the optic nerve in the eye becomes inflamed, it will gradually or suddenly blur the vision.

In severe cases, temporary blindness may occur after a few days, and eye pain may also occur.

  Home treatment measures ● Active prevention and learning how to sit, stand, and carry things correctly is the best way to prevent all kinds of neuralgia.

A few different physical therapies can teach you how to act properly to prevent pain, and you can discuss the treatment with a trained therapist.

  ● Using ice pack massage With ice pack massage, the signal can be interrupted along the neural pathway and replaced by the temperature signal, which can relieve pain.

  ● Beard If a man with trigeminal neuralgia can have a beard and block his face to cool down vertically, cold can sometimes cause pain.

  ● Shiatsu massage presses the large intestine meridian acupuncture point between the thumb and index finger to reduce pain. Use the thumb or index finger of the right hand to press the acupoint of the left hand for 1 minute, and then press the right hand again. If you are pregnant, do not use thisAcupoint.
  In order to reduce the pain of the chest and upper abdomen that can be cured, place the thumb between the pericardial meridian and acupoints. Place the thumb on the center of the wrist, about 2 fingers wide from the wrist, between the upper limbs and the bones, and press firmly for 3 to 5 times for 1 minute, then repeat on the other side.

Pressing the Waiguan acupoint can help alleviate pain in the upper body. Place the thumb at the middle of the front end of the upper limb 2 thumbs wide from the wrist joint, reset for 1 minute, and then repeat the other side, pressing 2-3 times each time.

  ● Acupuncture treatment: Acupuncture is very effective in treating neuralgia. If the pain is painful, 5 to 10 acupuncture courses may be effective.

  Nutrition and diet therapy ● Drink plenty of water, eat more fruits, and patients should eat more water, and avoid coffee, soft drinks, cigarettes and other irritants.

Eat more fruits, vegetables, stone fruits, seeds, cereals and other beneficial foods.

  ● Eat more oats and often eat oatmeal to improve the general condition of the nerves.

The chopped oat grass is brewed in warm water for 2 minutes and filtered. It is a supplement. Drink 1-4 grams a day.Water bath.