Found: 53-year-old man is the most romantic!

Found: 53-year-old man is the most romantic!

A recent British survey found that men over 50 are more romantic than lads.

When showing love to lovers, they will outperform young people because of their rich life experience.

The most romantic age for men is at 53 years old.

  Jackie Chan, Kevin?

Costner, Pierce?

Brucenan is currently in his 50s, and the most romantic is French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who is just 53 years old this year.

  Surprisingly young and unfamiliar with romance The survey interviewed 2,000 men aged 18 to 65.

Among them, more than three-quarters of those aged 51 to 55 believe that saying “I love you” every day is the most romantic act.

The survey has not yet shown that even men in their early 20s who fall in love only become romantic in their 50s.

  Making Surprise Chocolate Cold Champagne and Outing Cocktails Among resetters aged 51 to 55, restructured men recently used cold champagne to surprise lovers, and more than a quarter wrote a song for loverspoetry.

Almost half of those in their 50s were pleasantly surprised with flowers, chocolates and perfumes, but 25-year-olds who had done this did not even arrive in Chengdu.

  Other ways to create surprises include arranging weekend outings for lovers.

Half of the patients in their 50s will choose to go on an outing for a rest. Nine adults will be on the side when their loved ones fall ill, 73% will praise their lovers, and 80% will kiss them away.
Even for household chores such as car washing and dish washing, 36% of men in their 50s considered it a romantic move.

 After more vicissitudes, love more space and coexist, the survey is hosted by the British “Warner Leisure Hotel” Group.

“A man is over 50 years old, he is already a vicissitudes of life, and (younger) knows how to please women.

(At this age,) he had quarreled with his partner countless times, made mistakes several times, and stumbled through the early years of the relationship.

“” When a man reaches 53 years old, he will know better (things or methods) that will work for his partner, and the possibility of (causing) work is very high.

“Only a quarter of the 20- to 25-year-olds said that they had recently arranged a candlelight dinner for the other half, but nearly half of them over 50 did the same thing.

  Foward added: “Another important difference between the wife and his wife and the ’empty nest family’ is that most of the children leave the nest and fly high, with only their companions by their side.

That is to say, many older couples will have more time to love each other, more freedom to go out for the weekend, and also have valuable space for copyright when they are together.