I can’t stand his indifference

I can’t stand his indifference

“I am an ordinary office clerk. After graduating from technical secondary school, I passed the self-study exam of college diploma.

This front desk job has been done for almost three years.

I got married last May. This month is the first anniversary of my marriage, but I feel that my marriage seems to have come to an end.

Words and words touched my heart. My husband and I were recognized through blind dates in the spring of 2003.

You may ask, I am not very old, why should I use the traditional method of blind dates to solve life-long events.

  In fact, in urban life, I don’t think it’s easy to find someone you like that can be with you for a lifetime.

After working for almost 7 years, I really haven’t met any boy who actively pursued me. When I was in school, I was too young. After work, I had few opportunities to socialize except for my colleagues in the unit.

At the beginning, I also hope to find love by myself, but everyday life is to go to work and work, watch TV, love did not suddenly come as I wish.

Therefore, when others offered to introduce me to my boyfriend, I did not refuse.

  His condition ratio is much better for me. He graduated from graduate school and works in a foreign company. His income is much higher than mine.

After waiting for two days, he didn’t make an appointment with me, and my heart was a little bit ups and downs. I didn’t expect that he would meet me on the weekend.

We didn’t talk much on the phone. He asked me to watch a movie, set a movie theater and time, and he hung up.

  That day, I still dressed up a bit. When I saw him at the gate of the cinema, he was no different from the last blind date, but he became thinner in the sun.

After buying the tickets, he accompanied me to buy snacks.

After watching the movie, we ate around the cinema.

Then he sent me home.

  Downstairs in my house, he said, “Go ahead and see that your house’s lights are on, and I’ll go.

“That’s what impressed me. He never said such a thing to me.

  This sentence made me realize that he cares about me. I think he will be a person who makes me feel warm. Although we met through blind dates, I think I have found a feeling of love.

     I am in a good relationship. I do n’t know if it ‘s because of “beautiful beauty in my lover ‘s eyes”. When in love, I really ca n’t find any shortcomings of him: he is very polite and never spit on the streetWalking across the road, he will not speak recklessly in public places; occasionally, when his personality is on, his cell phone rings, he will say “sorry”, and then go to a place where the voice is very low to answer the call.

  When we come to play at home, he always buys some small gifts that are not expensive but are very suitable.

Not much, but my parents asked him what he answered, and it looked polite.

After he talked to me like this for half a year, we naturally entered the stage of preparing for marriage.

  Our marriage certificate was taken relatively early. After receiving the certificate, we found a wedding room and the company gave him a room sticker, so our financial pressure was not great.

Everything goes so smoothly, it often makes me think it’s not true.

In this way, I solved the life events that others often take for granted. Even my parents thought my luck was too good.

  It took half a year to fall in love and half a year to prepare for the marriage. We held a wedding last May.

Before that, we did not cross the border, which is probably relatively rare in modern society, so until May last year we became husband and wife and formally live together.

     The small details are disturbing. I don’t know how the married life of other people’s homes is. In our house, it is like a man and a woman living in a collective dormitory.

We have two wardrobes, one for each; two sofas, and one for each; the bathroom is also used by him, me, and mine, and he seems to like to divide things out of you and me.

When I got married, my mother gave me a full set of double bed toppers, but he insisted on a quilt one by one. He said he was not used to sleeping with someone on a quilt. Am I another person?

  I have been married for one year, and I am ashamed of being a wife. I have never helped him wash the clothes once. It is not because I am not willing to do the laundry for him. Now I have a washing machine.

His life is very regular. He takes a bath every day and does the laundry once a week. He does it all by himself. The first time he gets angry after marriage is because of laundry.

After the honeymoon, we brought back a lot of dirty clothes. He washed his clothes but put me aside.

I said he was selfish.

He said that he was accustomed to washing his own clothes, and we would wash our own clothes in the future, so there would be no contradiction.

I also want to say a few more words to him, he has entered the study and turned on the computer.

I did not make no effort. I used to take the initiative to help him do the laundry.After washing, he said that I had washed all my clothes and told me very seriously that he should not touch his clothes in the future.

Annoyed me, never let him go.

  His closet is neatly packed, but I don’t care much about things, and they are often jammed and there is no place for things.

At the beginning, I would put my clothes on his cabinet, but every time I found that the clothes were tucked back.

I could only feel sullen, because he had no fight with him, his eyes were fixed on the computer, his mouth was humming, as if I was a mass of air.

  Our house is very clean, everything has a certain position, and I mess up a little, and he will order me to return to the original place immediately.

The only thing I can handle casually is my closet, which is also the most messy place in our house.

Actually, when I lived in my maiden’s house, the wardrobe was not so messy.

Now I almost rebelled in the closet with rebellious psychology, and lived with him, as if only this closet was my domain.

  I do n’t know how to cook. He does n’t have time to cook. We asked an hourly worker to come back for dinner.

Every day after work finishes cooking and leaves, I feel sullen.

He doesn’t like talking, and he doesn’t like others talking.

Talk to him during the meal. He said that this is very dangerous and it will scoop rice into the trachea, so we always quietly eat at home.

Later, I was really not used to it, so I had to turn on the TV and eat while listening to the news; after eating, he entered the study and faced his computer.

I am not the same as his work. After work, there will be nothing. I would like to communicate with him more or let him hang out with me. But if it is not the weekend, he will never leave his computer.

Sometimes I had to make phone congee with friends, but this is what he hated the most. When he talked to me, he mentioned several times that the person who hated the phone congee most, said something meaningless, tookPublic resource.

  Occasionally, I accompanied him to his party.

His friends and colleagues can’t talk to me. Most of their topics are related to work, mixed with many foreign language words, and it’s hard to listen to me.

I can only sit and laugh and yawn quietly.

He participated in my party once and never went again. He said that we were talking nonsense and he didn’t want to waste my life with me.

What he said often disparaged me.

I admit that I am not as good as him, but I feel that my work is also very happy, my friends are also very interesting, and I do not think I am wasting my life.

  He didn’t allow me to dye my hair, and I didn’t allow me to go to Xiangyang Road to buy those “big card” clothes and shoes.

My friends said that after I got married, my temperament was different from before. Where do they know, I still like my loose and free days.

  He also likes to limit my freedom.

I need to go home after work.

In fact, whether or not I went home didn’t affect him at all. Anyway, he just ate silently and accompany the computer after dinner. What’s the difference between having one more person and one less at home?

What’s even more ridiculous is that once he worked overtime, I asked a friend to go shopping, and he actually called to check on me.

When I found that I was not at home, I politely called my cell phone and asked me to take a taxi home immediately, making me very shameless.

When he came back, I was angry with him. He said it was for my safety, and then he went to sleep on his own and made me mad.

  I don’t know where he learned from, and the demands on life start from health.

When we went out to eat, we did n’t eat western fast food because it was junk food; fried, fried dough sticks were not eaten, and fried foods caused cancer; Sichuan dishes and Hunan dishes were not eaten, which was too spicy to hurt the stomach; hot pot barbecue was not eaten, and sanitary conditions were not passable.

So we eat and eat all the regular meals, with vegetarian dishes and balanced nutrition, but I like to eat hamburgers, hot pot, lamb skewers, crayfish.

Occasionally sneaking out with friends to fight a tooth offering, but he must not be known, otherwise his face would be cold for several days.

I do n’t want to talk to my mother. My mother said he was doing it for me, but I ‘m not a three-year-old child. I have no freedom at all. What ‘s the use of being healthy?

Besides, if he talks to me well, I can easily accept it. He pulls his face at every turn and says, “You have no hope in your life”, “You are such a person, you should die”Wait, can I feel good about that?

We are husbands and wives, not enemies. I just talked out and ate something, and it wasn’t something we did not see. Can he do this?

Did other husbands talk to their wives like this?

I do not believe.

     He didn’t like to chat with me because of his crisis. He likes to draw boundaries with me. Maybe this is his lifestyle and it is difficult to change for a while, but his distrust of me makes me feel heartbroken.When we got married, I only had tens of thousands of dollars in savings to store the furniture in the bedroom and the appliances in the kitchen; the house and the decoration were all his money, and the mortgages now being paid every month are also his burdenHe also paid the monthly utility bills and household expenses, wages for the part-time workers, and so on.

I do n’t have much salary. I do n’t have much left when I buy clothes and pay for my mobile phone. It basically belongs to the “Moonlight clan”.

I never asked how much money he would have left, nor did he ask how much money he had, anyway, I could spend enough.

What I didn’t expect was that he guarded me.

The evidence is that he wrote a supplement outside of me.

  I was on holiday that day, and he went to work early in the morning. He suddenly called back at noon, and let me help him to see if there was anything in the pocket of the pants I had changed in the morning.

His tone was strange, he said, “You just have to touch something through your pocket, and you don’t have to look.

“When I touched it, he had something hard in his pocket. He immediately relieved and hung up the phone.

He calls like this, and hangs up as soon as he finishes speaking, regardless of whether anyone else has anything to say.

I was a little angry, he told me not to look at it, but I wanted to see it, so I took out what was in his pocket and it turned out to be an authorized user card.

It’s the time we got married when we got married, and it was obvious that we wanted to hide something from me.

  When he came back, I asked him to make it clear. He was very angry and felt that I was violating his privacy, and rightfully asked me to return it to him.

I don’t want to give it. I want him to take me to see what’s in it?

He said it was his own thing, nothing to do with me.

When he talks, he likes to say “I”, my house, my salary, my mine, and it’s chilling to hear that, shouldn’t it be ours when married?

He eventually found the user ID while I was taking a shower, hid it quickly, and then entered the study as if nothing had happened.

  When I was very angry, I thought, just divorce him, and let him live in his new house alone, to guard his replacement.

This gentle-looking, indifferent and selfish guy is going to live with me for a lifetime, I really can’t stand it.