Weight loss can not ignore psychological guidance


Weight loss can not ignore psychological guidance

Psychological weight loss is an “alternative” among weight loss members, but no one can deny its role in weight loss.

The ancients had poems to prove that the belts were gradually widened and they did not regret it.

This can polish the role of mental weight loss.

銆€銆€Appetite and emotion-related views can be understood by most people.

According to psychologists’ research, the average person is worried about decreased appetite and reduced food intake. Obese people eat a lot when they are worried, and in any emotional state, they will increase their appetite.

Moreover, according to psychologists’ research, obese people, even if they are not hungry, are not as polite as thin people.

銆€銆€Reasonable weight loss is based on your physical condition, age, bone size, health status and other conditions, taking behavioral therapy and psychological guidance, effective for dieting, giving weight to encourage; scheduling appropriate exercise to eliminate excess dose, etc., the effect is ideal.
銆€銆€And psychoanalytic treatment is available.

The treatment of psychoanalysis is not only to control and reduce the weight of obese people, but the key is to change their body image (subjective evaluation of the beauty, ugliness, strength and weakness that people give to their bodies).

The personality of obese people is incomplete and the feeling of dissatisfaction with the body is strong.

Through this method of treatment, self-evaluation can be improved, self-worth is enhanced, and a good body image is obtained.