Baby Ou didn’t expect Xie Yunchu to be so persistent,But indeed,like he said,This is also quite interesting,Baby Ou took the hard drive and the recent photos,Find out and give it to him,Then I went to the study to work。

Xie Yun was in his study,Looking through all these years,The bits and pieces of two people recorded in photos and videos。He can directly think of the situation in every photo,Thinking of what they are talking about。There are also a lot of images of each of them alone,But Xie Yunchu can still know,What was Ou Baobao doing at the time。
suddenly,Xie Yunchu wanted to do something。He found out all the pictures that impressed him the most,From it,It’s very difficult to choose a part,Add the selected video,Wrote his mood and what he wanted to say,Made a video by myself。Then Xie Yunchu watched it several times,Feel not satisfied,Just keep doing。
When Baby Ou is going to bed,Found Xie Yunchu still in the study。She thought he was in the office,Did not bother。
As a result, Xie Yunchu made a six-minute video for the wedding,Stayed up all night。
Fortunately,After dawn,Xie Yunchu finally made something he was more satisfied with。I sent it directly to the wedding organizer。
These ones,Baby Ou doesn’t even know。
after a few days,Huaiye suddenly came over,Said it was something to discuss with Ou Baobao。
Baby Ou in between meetings,Met him,“What’s the matter,I want you to come here in person?”
Huaiye is now fully resumed,Making a TV show,The shooting base right here in the Imperial Capital,Sometimes can go home。So Baby Ou was puzzled,Go home and say something,You don’t have to find a company specially?
“Do you think Yuzhi has become a child star?,how about it?”
“.”The plot is here again。
Baby Ou frowned,“How did you think of making Yuzhi a child star??”Paused,“Auntie always wanted to make a debut with Yoyo,You also disagree,Why do you think Yuzhi is OK??Don’t tell me Yuzhi is an outsider,So it doesn’t matter。”