Zhang Chunqin can’t help but has a bad temper,If it weren’t for Ren Dongguo, who was thinking about family harmony,,I guess it’s a big noise。

Only Ye Tianzong,Not say a word,Watching all this indifferently,Watch the changes first。
“Sister Rou,Don’t be so hostile to us。”
“After today’s construction site,I figured it out,I talked with grandma and the others。”
“We did not do it right before,Anyhow,All family,Don’t let outsiders watch jokes。”
“And what we should do most,Is unity,Committed to the Ren Group,Develop bigger and stronger。”
Ren Yingying is very reasonable。
Tian Zhongxin on the side also echoed:“Yingying is right,All family,Why do you have to fight to the death??”
“Big and big,The biggest family,We should unite,Can not be internalized。”
Ren Dongguo and Zhang Chunqin looked at each other。
Is this fake,Still wake up?
And got through with grandma and others?
I think it’s incredible。
“Talk about the point。”
Ren Yurou is not so gullible,but,Since the other party doesn’t come to trouble,Then there is no need to be aggressive。
after all,Reach out to not hit the smiley man。